Welcome friends, family, fans, and followers. I hope you enjoy the new site built around my new pen name. If you are looking for Amanda J. Barke, you're in the right place. Don't forget to check out my blog and the new pictures in the gallery. - Synova Cantrell
Synova Cantrell is the pen name used by Amanda Barke.

Based in the rural Ozarks, Synova is a freelance journalist, author, youth minister, singer/songwriter, and a homeschooling super mom. She splits her time between writing Fiction, biographies, and children's books. When she's not writing or educating her children, Synova leads the Youth program called the F.B.I. (Fellowship of Bible Investigators)as Agent M.

Her blog is titled "Synova Ink" and covers topics relating to Homeschooling, Education, Youth ministry, and of course her books.
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