K.C. Mob Hit – Unsolved Mystery of Sal Manzo

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He was snatched by a monster leaving behind nothing but his clothes. It sounds like a fairytale straight from the Brothers Grimm, but in the case of Sal Manzo, the truth is scarier than fiction.

Salvatore Benjamin Manzo, 60 was a low level associate of the Civella Mob family out of Kansas City.

He owned the Sound Track Nightclub on Independence Ave. Although he’d had a few run-ins with law enforcement  FBI Agent William Ouseley would later say he wasn’t violent.  Why then was this grandfather targeted for such a hit?

On September 4, 1987, Sal Manzo attended a wake at the Passantino Funeral Home around 3:30 pm. The funeral home sat in the 2100 block of Independence Ave. Some reports say there was a possible dispute after the wake, but the rumor mill couldn’t provide substantial evidence of this. Whatever the case, Salvatore Manzo was never seen again.

An anonymous tip led the police to a dumpster near Cliff Dr. and Paseo Blvd. There the investigators found Sal’s clothes and shoes. His beige 1982 Oldsmobile Toronado was located near a grocery store on Independence Ave and Paseo Blvd. The body of Sal was never found, and unless he decided to flee the mob-controlled city naked, it is reasonable to assume he was murdered.

Manzo was on probation at the time of his disappearance. Four years earlier a federal judge opened an indictment charging fifteen people with conspiracy to skim $2 million from Las Vegas Casinos. Carl DeLuna, Carl Civella, and Sal Manzo were named among the conspirators. Was this the reason behind his murder?

It’s been nearly thirty-two years since this man disappeared and although everyone has a general idea of what happened, the family would still like to have some answers.  If you have any information about this unsolved disappearance of Salvatore Benjamin Manzo, please contact the Kansas City Police Department at 816-234-5136

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