“But, I don’t have time to write”

Sure you do.

People spend an average of 2 hrs & 23 min on social media a day. That’s 35 days a year! That’s over a month.

The average American spends 4 & 1/2 hrs watching TV a day and that number is bumped up to 6 hrs if you include online videos.

The average commute is an hour.

Most people spend at least 5 hrs/week checking email. That equals 10.8 days a year.

How do you find time to write? You MAKE time to write.

Here are some tips to get you started.

* pre-plan your writing sessions
*dictate your story on your commute
*cut back on time-wasting activities
*break your book up into chunks and focus on one section at a time
*The magic word is “NO.” Tell some activities and people no.
*Reconnect with your why. WHY do you want to write the book in the first place?
*Keep a notebook with you at all times. This will give you a place to record all those creative ideas.

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