Write a book for your business in 5 easy steps:

#1. Decide
Make the decision to follow through with the project

#2. Discover the truth
You can do this! Once you realize this you are good to go. You are more than capable of writing about a topic you love. Chances are, you already have. (Blogs, Videos, articles, brochures, website content, courses, etc.) You probably already have all the content for your book.

#3. Write, Type, or Jabber…daily!
Create a daily “writing” habit. I put writing in quotes because with all the tools available today, you don’t have to hand write a single sentence if you don’t want to. Most entrepreneurs actually dictate the entire book then send it off to an editor. The point is to work on the project daily.

#4. Outline
Outline the basic topics you want to cover and then write about each topic until you finish the list. Remember, you are just telling people about you and your business. Isn’t that what entrepreneurs love to do? Just chill out. Don’t think about a book like it’s a hard thing. You’re just chatting with clients.

#5. Set a deadline
Set a deadline to keep yourself accountable to finish the project.


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