The Importance of Re-Purposing Your Content

Do you find yourself exhausted with the endless cycle of content marketing? If so, read on to find out simple tricks that can help make your life easier. I will give you five ways to repurpose your content to make your schedule run smoothly.

First of all, why should you repurpose your content in the first place?

Free purposing content serves many purposes. First and foremost, it makes your life as the content creator easier. Instead of killing yourself making new content day after day, you can repurpose some of your old content to make your schedule a little easier.

Secondly, it will drive traffic to your website if you repurpose the same content several times. Now I don’t mean to copy and paste the exact same content you wrote on your blog last year. Instead, take the blog post and make a YouTube video about the same topic. Break the blog post into segments, create Facebook posts, and then share them across your social media accounts.

Now using my business as an example, I write cold cases on my true crime blog. I usually work with the victim’s family members to help bring publicity to their case. When a year goes by, after I have already shared the content once, I will go back and do an update article on the case. I will link that blog post to the original blog post. Then I will do a second update video for YouTube. I may even interview the victim’s family member on my Youtube channel. Then I take segments of our conversation and create posts about those segments.

One unsolved case will bring me multiple blog posts, several YouTube videos, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and more. This strategy not only helps me with my schedule, but it helps me refresh these cold cases that need publicity. It also sends traffic back to my website, which is always a good thing.

So now, let me outline five ways to repurpose your blog content.

  1. Make a short YouTube video about the main subject of your blog post.
  2. Cut your blog post up into segments and post each segment on your social media pages. Drip this content over the course of a week
  3. Always add pictures if they are available to your Pinterest page. Then link that picture back to your website. This strategy will consistently generate traffic for your original blog post.
  4. Create a Facebook Live video discussing the topic from your original blog post. Expert hint: download this Live video and upload it to your YouTube channel.
  5. Add your repurposed content to your email newsletter and send it out to your mailing list.

Taking these simple steps will help fill your content calendar much quicker and easier than trying to recreate brand new content every day.

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