8 Ways a Book Will Help Grow Your Business

You’ve been told a thousand times that you need to write a book for your business. But you are a busy entrepreneur, and you don’t have time. Or perhaps you don’t make time because you don’t see the value in writing a book in the first place. Well, here are eight reasons why you need to write a book for your business.

Number one, a book will help define your brand in your audience’s eyes. If you look at Dean Graziosi before he wrote his book Millionaire Success Habits, very few people had heard of him outside the world of real estate investing. But after he wrote that book, he became a household name.

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Number two, a book will help you grow your platform. What is a platform anyway, and why do you need one question platform is all the different ways and means that you can get in front of your audience to sell your product. A book will open doors for speaking engagements for interviews for conferences, all sorts of ways to get you in front of your customer if you have a well-written book.

Number three, a book will help you generate leads for your business. While many people don’t have time to buy your course or to take your three-day seminar, they will buy a book, and that will help generate leads for your business in cases where you can’t get right in front of the person and talk to them and sell them your product.

A book will help you connect to influencers. In the case of Dean Graziosi, very few people had heard of him, but after his book became such a phenomenon worldwide, now he’s working with the likes of Tony Robbins. And it all came from him riding that bestselling book.

When you can say you are a published author, it establishes credibility. Every entrepreneur needs to establish credibility in their potential client’s eyes before selling to them. A book will do just that.

A book helps you educate your customers. Instead of sending all of your potential clients to a 3-day seminar to discuss all the features and products you have, why not send a book home with them? A book can teach them all they need to know about you and your business and your products, and they can do it in a better way than you could do yourself.

A book increases your visibility. When you have a big book launch, it generates buzz around you and your product and your company. It also gives you an excuse to go on a round of interviews. This kind of marketing keeps you in the public eye.

A book can help you promote your products and your services. What if you meet a potential client at the airport, but you don’t have time to stand there and give them the hour-long speech about everything your company has to offer. Perhaps you would choose to give them a business card, but how many business cards have you thrown away without even looking at them? Most people won’t throw away a book. They will at least look at it whether they read it from cover to cover or not. They will at least leaf through it and browse through it to see what you have to offer. These examples are just a few of the many reasons why you should write a book for your business. 

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