The Disturbing Disappearance of Shirley Hyman-Hickman

Shirley Hyman – Hickman

A young single mother goes missing from a local bar in Philadelphia 38 years ago. Her daughter was a teenager who couldn’t understand why no one was actively pursuing this case. Why didn’t anyone care about her mother?

 Shirley Hyman-Hickman Was last seen leaving the Park Avenue Cafe Bar in Philly on August 28th, 1981. Witnesses say she was upset and crying and left with two men in a Blue Van. She had been at the bar playing pool with friends and family members, but they ended up leaving the bar before Hickman. Police found the two men when they were questioned, but both claimed to have dropped Shirley off safe and sound.

 She lived only a short distance away and could have walked home. Why did she get into the van with these men? How did she know them? Did she know them? Why was she upset?

Shirley was raised in a big family with many siblings, but her lifestyle didn’t match that of her loved ones. She had trouble with men and was now an unmarried single mother. Back in the 80s, this wasn’t overly accepted, and life was challenging, to say the least. Her daughter went to stay with her family, fully expecting to see her mother in a day or two. When she didn’t show up, she never could understand what happened. She couldn’t understand why the police weren’t bringing her mother home. She couldn’t understand why no one seemed to actively pursue this case. To this day, she is still not sure why no one seemed to help her mother.

 Very little is known on this case, but we know that 38 years have passed without Shirley. For a while, the family wondered if Hickman had been a victim of the infamous serial killer Samuel Littles. she resembled some of his drawings, but when they reached out, Little verified that she wasn’t one of his victims. Now, after four decades, they’re right back at the beginning.

 If you have any information on this case, please reach out and contact someone. You can submit a tip anonymously if you so choose. But please reach out this family needs answers. I recently interviewed the family for my YouTube show. Check out the video for more information. And please share this story so we can bring some answers to this family.

Award-winning crime writer, Synova Cantrell interviews the family of Shirley Hickman about her disappearance nearly four decades ago.

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