3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Finished Your Book!

You know your business will benefit from a book, but something is stopping you from writing it. Here are 3 reasons that could be holding you back.

1. Told Repeatedly to Stop Day Dreaming

Since when is it okay to let go of the very thing that separates us from the animal kingdom? A dog cannot imagine a new invention and change the world with it. Humans alone have this power. Think about it. Every major invention, every Fortune 500 company, every skyscraper was once a figment of a dreamer’s imagination. Don’t stop dreaming! Get back in the habit of daydreaming. (Maybe not while you’re driving.)

2. Lack of confidence

Why, would anyone want to listen to me? Well, why not you? Who said you weren’t important? Who told you that you don’t have a unique perspective to share with the world? You are an event individual. Your experiences have shaped your perspective on life. No one else will have your particular perspective. Share it with the world. Be Fearless. You’ve got this.

3. Lack of knowledge

Get off your tush and get it. Libraries are still free. Get a library card. Besides, I am here to help you get started with your writing.

Ask me how!

Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “you can have excuses or results, but you can’t have both.” It’s time for you to decide. What do you want?

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