The Strange Death of Janice Wilhelm

One suspicious suicide in a small town may not be unusual, but five deaths within a square mile of each other? Within a year an oil boom hits Centerville, Texas and the deaths are all swept under the rug. While a handful of people get rich, the family members of the victims are left with nothing but questions.


Synova’s new book Black Gold Runs Blood Red in Texas covers a series of suspicious deaths in a rural Texas county. Could all of these deaths be a series of unfortunate coincidences? 


Janice Wilhelm was found dead by a gunshot to the neck when she was disabled and couldn’t use that arm. Her father Morris Robeson died by a gunshot to the back of the head when he had a neck injury and couldn’t shave his own face. The only man to question and try to investigate Morris’ suicide ends up taking his own life in a bizarre way. Is there a conspiracy over oil rights in this community?


Synova’s book will be available for preorder on June 1, 2021.


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