Latest Interview on the MAFIA podcast

Check out my latest interview on the Mafia podcast.

It’s the early 1970’s in Biloxi, Mississippi. Kirksey Nix, one of the leading members of the Dixie Mafia, had been convicted of murder and began a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Despite this, Nix would continue heading up his gang from prison, orchestrate a hit on a local judge and his wife, and even target and scam gay men out of their money over the phone.

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From their birth place in Phenix City, Alabama to the corruption of today, the Dixie Mafia’s tentacles stretch from coast to coast throughout the south. While most of the world denies their existence, this network of freelance criminals have flown under the radar for the most part since the 1950s. Their structure is completely different than that of La Cosa Nostra so people discount them as rogue bands of individual criminals. In reality it’s one massive web of corruption, lies, and murder.

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