So you hacked your way to a bestseller status on Amazon or USA Today….now what!?

Did you make any $$ getting there?

Can you quit your job now?

Did you build an audience?

So really what good was the title?

I know this sounds harsh, but I have found so many authors will literally kill themselves trying to get to a bestseller status even if it makes them go into the hole financially.

There is a better way to achieve your goals. I would be happy to help you build a business that is profitable and award-winning.

Sign up for a free coaching call with me today and let me help you overcome your obstacles.


Intro to KC mafia with Gary Jenkins

Synova interviews ex-Kansas City Intelligence Officer, Gary Jenkins. Gary has produced 4 documentary films, created the Kansas City Mob Tour app, authored 3 books, and currently produces and produces and hosts his own true-crime podcast, titled Gangland Wire Crime Stories. In this popular true-crime podcast Gary Jenkins tells many stories about the Kansas City mafia, interviews experts on mafia families in many other cities, and has found many former mafia members to tell their stories.

Gary’s Podcast – Gangland Wire: https://ganglandwire.com/category/blog/ganglandcrimestories/

Gary’s books: https://amzn.to/3bnteDo

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