Mind Mapping For Authors

What is mind mapping, and how can it help you as an author entrepreneur? I believe it can literally be your roadmap to success.

A mind map is a visual graphic that you create while trying to flush out your ideas. Basically, you start with a central concept in the center of a piece of paper, and you circle it, and then you draw a line off of this circle and continue the process. This creates a visual map that can help you dig down into your ideas. I’ve used it many times when I was writing fiction to flush out more well-rounded characters.

I would start with the character’s name in the middle of a blank white sheet of paper. I would circle the name, and then I would split the page into four sections. In the top right corner, I would start with the character strengths. In the bottom right corner, I would put the character’s weaknesses. In the bottom left corner, I would put the character’s physical description. In the top left corner, I would put their history, where they’re from, where they’re located, that sort of thing. By doing this, I would have a more well-rounded character before I ever started writing the book. It also made it to where I knew the character well enough that I didn’t have the temptation to dump the backstory on the reader in the first chapter of the book.

Now I use mind mapping for marketing strategies. I started it with a book titled shattered. I realized that this book had 25 different cold cases in it, and I should have a video for each case. So I wrote that on my mind map. It started so basically, but it became so much more. By the time I was done mapping out my marketing strategy, including my YouTube channel, my blog, my podcast, my Patreon page, I had a complete marketing machine mapped out on this paper. In reality, I had 25 weeks worth of content created that would self-generate income.

I have created a micro workbook for you to help you with your online marketing. In it, I have included my own marketing mindmap so you can see how to use the template.


If you would like to see this map and template, you can download a . PDF copy of it on my store page, or by using the link below.


How could mind mapping help you? It can help you build better characters. It can help you with your marketing. I’ve even seen my maps around personal development. They put the words “I am” in the center of the map, and then they extended that circle out and says I am strong, I am powerful, I am bold, etc. so you could take that map and post it on your bathroom mirror and there every morning while you’re brushing your teeth you have a mind map that reminds you of all of your affirmations. You could literally use this mind mapping technique in any business you’re in.


Check out my podcast, where I dive deeper into mind mapping. Here’s the link for you:



10 Writing Prompts That Lead to Personal Growth

10 Writing Prompts That Lead to Personal Growth

Why would a writer need to focus on personal growth? If you surveyed all of the world’s most successful people, 90% of them are into personal growth. While most people overlook this fact and call personal development lame, they are literally putting themselves into the bottom 10%.
Focusing on personal growth helps you identify & replace unhealthy habits, increases your confidence, and helps when you feel overwhelmed. As a writer, I have so many projects on my schedule, I find it is easy to get overwhelmed. That’s when I turn my focus back to my study of personal development. With it, I am becoming a better person and building my empire. Why not give it a try?

How to start:
Writing prompts are effective because they force you to consider things you might not ever think about on your own. Writing is also an effective process for personal growth because it forces you to slow your thinking and organize your thoughts. You can’t write nearly as quickly as you can think!
There are endless sources of writing prompts that can help you to discover more about yourself.

Consider using these:

1. How do you think others view you? Imagine being an observer and watching yourself go through your typical day. What would you think about yourself if you were the average person? What changes do you think you should make based on this observation?

        • Most people are very mistaken regarding how the world views them. In reality, everyone is living in their own little universe where they are the center. Honestly, they aren’t thinking about you anyway.

2. If you had lots of money and free time, what would your life look like? What would you do? What would you stop doing?

        • Everyone wants more time and money, but what would you do if your wish came true? Most people don’t take the time to really decide what they want.

3. What negative experiences from your childhood are still influencing or impacting you today? What impact is this having on your life? Why haven’t you let go of these experiences?

        • Our traumas and negative experiences influence our adulthood more than we realize.

4. Describe the five habits you could develop that would have the greatest positive impact on your life. What would you accomplish by having these habits? Why haven’t you been able to develop these habits yet?

        • Good habits practically guarantee a great life.

5. Describe three habits you wish you could drop from your life and the impact that would have if you did. Create a plan for dropping each of those habits.

        • Bad habits can have a greater impact on your life than good habits.

6. What is the one thing you most want to accomplish? What are you willing to sacrifice to accomplish that one great thing? What are you willing to give up now in order to get what you want later?

        • We have a tendency to dabble in too many minor things.

7. What is one skill you wish you had? How would that impact your life?

        • What skill is most appealing to you? What skill would have the greatest impact on your life?

8. What do you think about while lying in bed at night? What do these topics say about you? What do they say about your life?

        • Where our minds go when we’re alone in the dark is illuminating.

9. How do you procrastinate? What are some ways to limit the amount of time you procrastinate?

        • Procrastination is a stalling technique that robs you of time and progress.

10. Which people in my life cause me the most grief? Which people are the least supportive? Why have I permitted these people to persist in my life?

        • We have things and people in our lives that cause more harm than good.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are plenty of additional sources of writing prompts available online. Consider doing one prompt each day for a month. You’ll be surprised by what you learn about yourself. All you need is a pen, paper, and a few minutes each day.

Check out one of my mentors:

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Peggy McColl is a world-renowned wealth, business, and manifestation expert as well as the New York Times Best Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions And Attract the Life of Your Dreams.

For over 26+ years at the time of this publication, using her Power Life Script® process — along with her unique intimate understanding of the Universal Laws – she has been showing people from around the globe how to: Manifest any result they desire in their personal and professional lives, from dream homes and soulmates to perfect health and multi-million-dollar businesses;

Become International Best-Selling Authors; Create wealth and complete freedom; And much more.

She has worked with – and been endorsed by – some of the most renowned experts in the personal development field

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