Mind Mapping For Authors

What is mind mapping, and how can it help you as an author entrepreneur? I believe it can literally be your roadmap to success.

A mind map is a visual graphic that you create while trying to flush out your ideas. Basically, you start with a central concept in the center of a piece of paper, and you circle it, and then you draw a line off of this circle and continue the process. This creates a visual map that can help you dig down into your ideas. I’ve used it many times when I was writing fiction to flush out more well-rounded characters.

I would start with the character’s name in the middle of a blank white sheet of paper. I would circle the name, and then I would split the page into four sections. In the top right corner, I would start with the character strengths. In the bottom right corner, I would put the character’s weaknesses. In the bottom left corner, I would put the character’s physical description. In the top left corner, I would put their history, where they’re from, where they’re located, that sort of thing. By doing this, I would have a more well-rounded character before I ever started writing the book. It also made it to where I knew the character well enough that I didn’t have the temptation to dump the backstory on the reader in the first chapter of the book.

Now I use mind mapping for marketing strategies. I started it with a book titled shattered. I realized that this book had 25 different cold cases in it, and I should have a video for each case. So I wrote that on my mind map. It started so basically, but it became so much more. By the time I was done mapping out my marketing strategy, including my YouTube channel, my blog, my podcast, my Patreon page, I had a complete marketing machine mapped out on this paper. In reality, I had 25 weeks worth of content created that would self-generate income.

I have created a micro workbook for you to help you with your online marketing. In it, I have included my own marketing mindmap so you can see how to use the template.


If you would like to see this map and template, you can download a . PDF copy of it on my store page, or by using the link below.


How could mind mapping help you? It can help you build better characters. It can help you with your marketing. I’ve even seen my maps around personal development. They put the words “I am” in the center of the map, and then they extended that circle out and says I am strong, I am powerful, I am bold, etc. so you could take that map and post it on your bathroom mirror and there every morning while you’re brushing your teeth you have a mind map that reminds you of all of your affirmations. You could literally use this mind mapping technique in any business you’re in.


Check out my podcast, where I dive deeper into mind mapping. Here’s the link for you:



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