[Writer’s Wednesday] Synova Interviews the Creator of Jack the Sack

It’s #WritersWednesday at Synova Ink Publishing and Synova is interviewing the children’s book author Mr. Dee Dee. He’s the creator of the Jack the Sack children’s detective series. This week he reads book one, “The Case of the Missing Shoes.”

Jack the Sack and the Case of the Missing Shoes

This is the story of Detective Jack, who started out being a brown paper sack. One day he decided there was more to life than carrying bread, milk, and eggs. So, he flipped himself over and grew some arms and legs. He jumped off the counter and strolled over to the TV where a detective show called Klumdumbo he did see. Jack the Sack said, “Hey, that’s the life for me.” And, that is how Detective Jack the Sack came to be.

Get Book #1 here: https://amzn.to/3grpdEj

Watch the interview here:

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