Frequencies – It’s More than Good Vibes (Monday Motivation)

“We live in an ocean of motion” – Bob Proctor

While things might look solid, they are constantly moving at the atomic level. This includes humans.. Everything has it’s own frequency and vibration. Just like radio waves, human frequencies go up and down. This vibration and frequency can literally affect your health!

Did you know the standard frequency of a human being is between 62-70Mhz? Studies have shown people with a cold vibrate at a lower level of 58Mhz and cancer patients have a frequency of 42Mhz!

Every thought has a frequency of it’s own. Thoughts of fear have a low level and thoughts of Joy have one of the highest levels. What if we could spend more time in the higher levels? How would it change our lives?

Photo credit:  Sérgio Valle Duarte
Music Credit: Scott Holmes https://scottholmesmusic.com/

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