The Dangers of Apathy (What is it? How to Overcome it?)

Original Image by Victoria Model from Pixabay 

Apathy is defined as a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern, but it becomes so much more. It is different from depression, but it can lead to both depression and other mental health problems. It is more dangerous than we realize. 

The Harvard Gazette ran an article titled, “The most dangerous thing in the world is apathy.” How can this be? Isn’t war, drugs, and nuclear weapons more dangerous than apathy? No. Think about it. If you’ve lost your love for yourself and your fellow humans, you’re more apt to go to war, take drugs, and drop nuclear weapons. If you love humanity, you’ll think twice before doing those things. 

“Apathy creates a domino effect, and things quickly go from bad to worse,” says Dr. Marcia Sirota on her website. While it’s not good to worry excessively, it’s just as dangerous to become apathetic towards life and your world. 

Political apathy can lead to the downfall of an entire nation. While some decent folks are apathetic towards their country’s politics, political radicalism is taking over governments and overthrowing nations. What if our forefathers felt apathetic towards the early American cause? We would still be ruled by the crown of Great Britain.

Jim Rohn includes apathy as one of the six diseases of attitude. Why? I believe it’s because apathy can sneak up on us. It can lead to deadly consequences and reduces the quality of life. 

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