Synova Interviews Romantic Fantasy Author, S.M. Stryker [Writer’s Wednesday]

Bio: SM Stryker is an Amazon international bestselling author who loves to delve into steamy romantic fantasies and explore deep themes through heart-wrenching tales. An introverted mortgage broker by day and a talented wordsmith by night, SM Stryker aims to thrill and inspire her readers with thought-provoking stories that touch on dark topics and leave you begging for more. She loves to craft happily-ever-afters based on real events, with characters who are strong, intense, and larger-than-life.

Born and raised in Oregon, she currently resides there with her supportive husband, her four adult daughters, and plenty of grandchildren! Although quiet by nature, SM Stryker loves to hear from her readers.

Website: https://smstryker.com/

Highlighted Book Title: Whispers In The Wind: Callie and Kai’s Story (Then There Was You Book 1) Kindle Edition


Description: An emotionally riveting, standalone, romantic suspense, of lost love and soul mates, comes from Amazon bestselling author SM Stryker.

༺❃༻Can a bleeding and broken heart love again?༺❃༻

Callie has just gotten engaged to her high school sweetheart when tragedy strikes, and she loses him in a horrific car accident. Callie is broken, hurt, and distracted for years, and she just exists, watching the days flee by, until she meets Maison. Maison sparks up her will to live once again, and she can feel the rush of life flowing back in her heart, but it seems that the cards are stacked against her, and something painful, heck even sinister, happens.

Callie finds herself alone and heartbroken once again, sitting on the cold wet ground of a parking lot, bawling her eyes out under the rolling rain. All along, someone is watching her, and this man in the shadows feels pulled to Callie for some reason. His name is Kai Sterling, and in an interesting twist of events, he eventually becomes her boss.

Will the third time be the charm?

Can Kai save Callie from her haunting past, or will it all be too much for him to bear?

Profoundly moving, steamy, deliciously suspenseful, and with a little bit of action, this story guarantees to keep you at the edge of your seat wondering, what will happen next?

Whispers In The Wind is a new adult romance novel that contains physical & sexual abuse, explicit language, and sexual scenes, and it is intended for persons 18 years of age and older.

Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/3xiaW2f

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