10 Daily Confidence-Building Affirmations:

10 Daily Confidence-Building Affirmations:

1. I am enough. (You’re infinitely more capable than you realize)

2. I am going to be okay. ( Things will get better if we can let go of the past)

3. Good things are coming for me. (It’s just like the four seasons. Winter is hard, but Spring always comes)

4. Today I choose Happiness (You must choose Happiness or defeat every day)

5. The past is over. ( Stop ruminating over it)

6. I love myself.(You are worthy of love)

7. I am proud of myself. ( You should be. You’ve been through so much)

8. I am letting go of doubt and fear. (Let those energy suckers go!)

9. My life is worth living. (Yes it is! You are here for a reason)

10. I focus on what I can control (Where focus goes, energy flows)

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