The Top 3 Elements of Gratitude

There are three main elements to gratitude: intensity, frequency, and action. If any one of these elements is off, then you will not get the results you are looking for.

 Let’s start with intensity.

 First, you need to understand there’s a difference between gratitude and thankfulness. One is merely words you repeat to someone or something once you’ve received something from that person or thing. Gratitude is a deeply felt emotion, not just lip service.

 Think about it this way. Someone opens the door for you as you walk into the store. You mumble thank you, but you don’t feel a deep sense of gratitude. Most of the time, anyway. So make sure you feel gratitude while working on keeping a gratitude journal.

 Some say to write three things you’re thankful for daily. In reality, you only need to write one. But you must have a deep sense of emotion for one thing. You might have to write five things before you find the one thing that moves you. You want that intense emotion of true, heartfelt gratitude to rise within you while writing your gratitude list for the day.

 The second element is frequency.

 How often are you feeling that genuine, intense emotion of gratitude? Once a week? Once a month? Never? The concept behind a 30-day gratitude challenge is to build the habit of gratitude until you feel an intense emotion of gratitude daily. The more often you can feel gratitude, the better off you will be.

 the third element is action

 if you don’t put gratitude into practice daily in your day-to-day life, it won’t do you any good. It’s just like knowledge. In the ’80s, children were told knowledge is power. That’s not exactly true. Knowledge is potential power. You have to use it first. The same goes for gratitude. You have to take action and implement gratitude into your day-to-day life, or it will not help you.

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Gratitude Challenge Video Day #10

Surviving Christmas with Gratitude (Synova’s Attitude of Gratitude Series)

Transform your chaotic holiday season with this journal and 5 minutes a day!

Not everyone enjoys the holidays. After losing loved ones, it’s hard to continue with the festivities, but it’s vital to learn how to live again. After suffering through trauma, it’s hard to celebrate with a loud and rowdy crowd. Did you know a daily gratitude practice will change your life, both mind, and body?

Studies have proven that our brains literally cannot be fearful, anxious, or stressed and be grateful at the same time. Did you know that? The part of the brain that handles these emotions cannot do both simultaneously. It has to shut one off to open the other. Now you can be anxious and immediately grateful afterward, but you cannot be both at the same time!

What if you reprogrammed your brain to refocus on gratitude and shut off the anxiety during this season?

With a daily gratitude practice, you will do just that!

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