5 Tips for the Beginning Writer:

Do you want to write a book, but you don’t know where to start? Here are five basic tips to help you reach your goal of becoming a published author.

#1 Write EVERY Day.
Start a daily writing habit. Writing daily will naturally sharpen your writing skills, it expands your vocabulary and clears out writers’ block.

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper” – E.B. White, author of Charlotte’s Web

#2 Dive In – Be Scared Later
Don’t let fear keep you from reaching for your dreams. Set fear aside and be afraid later.

#3 KISS – Keep It Simple Sweetie
Don’t use 10 words if 5 will suffice.

#4 Show Don’t Tell
A book is a painting made with words.

#5 The Best Writing Serves The Reader; not the writer
Keep the reader in mind while you write. If you want to write cathartically then do so in a journal.

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