Check out Synova’s Selection of Award-Winning Books:

(Her True Crime Books Are At The Bottom)

“The most deadly enemy you will face in the entirety of your career is the Dixie Mafia based out of Phenix City, Alabama.” – Major Cullen O’Conner to General Haggerty

Shattered: Behind Every Story Is A Shattered Life

“One of the few books written that gives the reader an insight into the criminal mind” – Retired FBI Agent Egelston

Seriously Stupid Criminals: Complete Collection

“There is no other group anywhere in the country as mobile and as well organized as the Dixie Mafia” – Agent James Duff, Georgia State Organized Crime Intelligence Unit (1974)

Snatched: The FBI’s Top Ten Art Crimes and more

It’s a tale of two judges; one a well-liked defender of the law, and the other a cold-blooded manipulator.

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