How to overcome negative thoughts and get positive quickly:

I found this question on Quora.com. How can I overcome negative thoughts and get positive quickly?

Answer: Turn your camera

The camera lens can only capture the image directly in front of the device. Whatever you constantly hold in your mind will be what you experience, just like that camera lens.

If you go out and take a picture of a beautiful flower. You will see the colors and the beauty, but you will not see the weed growing right next to it. You may not see the trash dumpster that’s 2 ft away. You may be taking a close-up picture of a beautiful flower that’s actually poking through a broken sidewalk.

The point is, whatever you zoom that lens into is all you will see in that photograph. Your brain works the same way. Sometimes, we can’t see clearly when we take a picture, so we add the flash. Our brains do the same thing. Sometimes, we can’t see what’s happening because our emotions cloud the way. How many times have you gotten angry, and you end up having tunnel vision and can’t see the truth standing right next to you?

Tony Robbins says, “Where focus goes, energy flows.”  It’s just like a horse with blinders on. That horse only sees what’s directly in front of it. It’s up to us where we direct our focus. Where are you pointing that camera? My kids and I have a saying, “Turn Your Camera.” When any of us get too grumpy, we say turn your camera. Unfortunately, life has been pretty hectic for me lately, and my little girl has been reminding me Mom, turn your camera.

So I’m asking you, what are you focusing on? Is it happy things? Is it negative things? Is that something that’s going to head you toward your goals? The concept is you are in charge of that camera lens. You are in charge of what you take a photograph of. So turn your camera.

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What do you do when you can’t cope with life anymore? (Quora Questions Series)

The first step is to get help. Don’t deal with deep depression alone. Reach out to your higher power and a few trusted people. After you get a support group, evaluate what’s going on in your life. Take time to answer these questions.

  1. What is working in my life?
  2. What can I improve?
  3. What no longer serves me?
  4. What do I love to do?
  5. Am I doing any of those things?
  6. Am I fulfilling my life’s purpose?
  7. Do I know what my purpose is?

Answer these questions and then realize these questions need to be answered for all aspects of your life.

True happiness comes from being physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually aligned. Are you filling your mind and heart with things that no longer serve you?

There’s help 24hrs a day on the suicide hotline just dial 988

You are a valuable human being and this world needs you.

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