What’s Holding You Back? Is it a Limit or a Limiting Belief?

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What’s holding you back from achieving your heart’s desire? Sure, there might be logical reasons, but most of the time, it’s nothing more than a few limiting beliefs.

What are limiting beliefs?

Before May 6th, 1954, science said running a mile in under four minutes was impossible. The entire world believed it. It sounds very logical. Unfortunately, it was not true. Read that again. It was not true!

Roger Bannister was determined to break the barrier, and he did on May 6th. That day he finished at 3: 59. With one race, Bannister broke a limiting belief held by the entire world. Think about it. This belief was held by humanity for six thousand years of recorded history, and one man broke it with one amazing foot race. 

So let me ask you a question. Think about all of the reasons you can’t achieve success. Write them down. Then I want you to study them carefully. Are they limits, or are they limiting beliefs?

If you think Roger Bannister was just some superhuman, let me tell you another tidbit of information. His record only lasted 46 days! Somebody else broke it six weeks later. Now more than 1400 men have broken the barrier.

So was it really a limit, or was it a mindset? It was a limiting belief.

How many times have you told yourself? You can’t succeed because you went to the wrong school or didn’t have enough money. If you study the most successful people in the world, you will find that most of them didn’t go to the right school, have the right name, or have enough money.

You’ll find people with dyslexia that failed school. When you start studying successful people, you’ll find high school dropouts, college dropouts, poverty-stricken people, and people of all sizes, shapes, and colors. It doesn’t matter what your limiting belief is. It can be overcome.

I think about one example that hit me hard. When I first heard it. I was writing true crime stories back then and listened to an interview given by Sammy the bull. For those who don’t know, he was John Gotti’s underboss. In this interview, he blamed everything on the fact that he had dyslexia and didn’t do good in school. No one was there to guide him, so he just went off the rails. Now, this sounds legitimate. But then listen to this. Richard Branson has dyslexia too. He didn’t do well in school either. At the time of this writing, he is worth 3 billion dollars!

If that doesn’t surprise you enough, guess who else is on the list of famous dyslexics on Google.? Albert Einstein! Yes, you read that right. The man known for his IQ and genius had dyslexia.

So let me ask you again. Why can’t you achieve what you’re going after? Are those excuses valid? Maybe you need to learn a new skill or find a mentor, but you can overcome your perceived limits most of the time. 

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

What is possible in your life? Those with a fully expanded belief system would answer that virtually anything they want to do or become is possible.

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Synova Interviews the Quantum Mindset Coach [Writer’s Wednesday]

Synova interviews the Quantum Mindset this week for Writer’s Wednesday. Patrice Marie’s book “Conspiracies, Timelines, & the New Earth” will be available on Amazon soon. In the meantime, you can download a .pdf copy here as a gift.

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Synova Interviews Super-charged Mindset Coach, Brett Scott [Writer’s Wednesday]

Bio: My journey started officially in 2006 when I watched the movie The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, it featured Bob Proctor who has been instrumental in my ability to now coach and guide people to help them remove any roadblocks internally (in the mind) that are hindering them, ‘just as they were for me’ and enable them to achieve what ever they TRULY desire! 

In August 2014 I was delivered a massive blow financially that I knew would end my marriage. It was in that moment that I decided I didn’t want to be the man I had become anymore or ever again.

In August 2014 I was delivered a massive blow financially that I knew would end my marriage. It was in that moment that I decided I didn’t want to be the man I had become anymore or ever again.

I also decided I would write a book to help other men (or women) break free of what ever caused them to keep making the same mistakes or ruining any great opportunity. I had no idea how or why anyone would want to read a book by me (at that time) yet I knew I had to do it.

​Fast forward to November 2018 and while listening to one of Bob Proctor’s seminars ‘Paradigm Shift’ I literally had exactly that… an emotional shift, I had tears in my eyes and one thought in my mind; OH MY GOD you’re going to be successful this time!

​The journey from that point manifested my own coach within the Proctor Gallagher Institute where I studied ‘Thinking Into Results’ and loved it so much I now help others achieve their ‘big hairy audacious goals’ through its lessons.

Website: https://www.brettdscott.com/

Highlighted Book Title: Supercharged Freedom: Your Truth will set you Free



Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

How many years have you been searching for success and freedom in your own life, only to be fraught with failure and disappointment?

Have you had that feeling that there was something missing, something that could unlock the invisible door to your new life?

This book may just hold that key.

For the past few years, I’ve dramatically changed my own life, already become an award winning, best selling author and mindset coach, TEDx Talk speaker, helped hundreds of people turn their own dreams into reality, winning awards such as Emmys, Rookie of the Year, MVP, Hollywood Music in Media and many more… but importantly, it’s knowing that I’m making a proper difference in the world… and it started with myself.

Inside you’ll discover my recipe for success.

It starts with getting clear on your Goal and ends with finding your version of Freedom. We will cover off elements such as why we get stuck, procrastinate, and quit on our dreams and teach you how to change your habits and your stories, so you can run, jump and fly towards them.

I made this book easy to read and more importantly easy to implement.

Click ‘BUY NOW’ today and live your best life tomorrow!

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Please check out my affiliate links in this article. Any purchase you make using my links will help support Synova Ink Publishing. With your support, I will continue producing high-quality free content for more people like you. Thank you in advance!


Do You Suffer From Learned Helplessness?

Learned Helplessness:

Have you ever seen a circus elephant tied to a tint peg or a horse held back by a tiny wire fence? These are great examples of learned helplessness. At one point in time when those animals were young, they could not break free from their constraints. Now that they are older and stronger, they could break free anytime they choose. Unfortunately, they have been held back for so long they won’t try anymore. Are you suffering from learned helplessness?

You are more capable than you realize!

Are you living your life just reacting to what comes at you or are you in charge and living your life on purpose? Did you realize you can design your life? Are you barely surviving or are you thriving?

It’s time to stand up and live proactively. Stop waiting for the next hit from life. Stand up and hit back. Step out and make a choice to live proactively.

It’s time to get up off of that pity party and remember who you are. You have seeds of greatness in you if you throw off the helpless mindset.

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Please check out my affiliate links in this article. Any purchase you make using my links will help support Synova Ink Publishing. With your support, I will continue producing high-quality free content for more people like you. Thank you in advance!


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The Universal Law of Sacrifice [Monday Motivation]

Sacrifice tends to have a negative slant, but we’ve had it all wrong. We must let go of some things to achieve greater things. Today Synova talks about the Universal Law of Sacrifice.

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1 Thing Will Put You in the Top 3%:

What if I told you one thing that would put you in the top three percent of Americans and put you ahead of the pack? This simple procedure will determine your future success more than almost anything else, yet a staggering 97% of people do not take the time to do it. What is it, you ask? Goal Setting.

I know you’ve probably heard of goal setting a thousand times, but have you created your list of goals? Probably not. I know it sounds harsh, but most people have a vague idea of what they want but never actually sit down and decide what they want. So many people say they want to write a book and make more money. Ok. Well, here you go. Write the book, upload it to Amazon, beg your mom to buy it, and now you have more money. I’m sure that’s not what you meant, but it technically achieved your vague goal.

A well-thought-out goal is like a compass. It points you in the right direction; it keeps you on target and helps clarify your dreams. So what kind of goals do you need to be a successful writer? Well, that depends on how you define success. A New York Times Bestselling author has different goals than a grandfather writing a children’s book for his grandkids. Decide today what exactly you want, and then write it down. 

Start your goal-setting session on a positive note by writing down five things you’ve already accomplished. Then spend the next few minutes creating a list of desires by answering this question, “What would I love?”

Remember when we were all kids, and someone asked us what we wanted for Christmas? We didn’t think of practical things. We wanted a flying car, a purple pony, a rainbow unicorn, etc. After a while, we become more cynical and stop asking for our desires and ask for practical things. A lot of times, we don’t even ask at all. 

I want you to step out of the practical mindset for this goal-setting exercise and get back into that childlike imagination. It’s still there somewhere deep within the recesses of your mind. Dig it out, dust off the cobwebs, and put it to use.

What would you love if I had a magic wand and everything worked perfectly? Include desires from every aspect of your life. Make sure to include relationship goals, spiritual goals, financial and personal. Don’t miss any area of your life. Write for a solid half-hour if need be. Let it all out without holding back. Then you can look back over your desires and start setting goals and creating plans.

Remember what Les Brown said, “Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you’ll still be out there among the stars.”

Schedule your goal-crushing strategy session with Synova before February 1st. She’s giving away free 30-minute coaching calls to help you get started. Use the link below to schedule a call before the promotion runs out.

Synova’s Guide To Goal Setting: How To Make This Your Best Year Yet: 

Are you tired of setting goals and not following through with them? 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by the first of March. Why is this? While we are taught many things in school, goal setting and goal achievement are not to be found in the standard curriculum of an American high school.

Why Do You Need A Goal?

  • Goals give your life direction. Otherwise, you will drift through life and end up wondering what went wrong.
  • Goals keep you on track so you don’t get distracted by the storm when life gets hard.
  • Goals give your life purpose.
  • Goals help you grow.

Need More Help? Check out my “Design Your Life” Goal Crushing Micro course. But Hurry! Open enrollment ends Feb 1st!

Define your purpose, create a strategy, and build accountability in order to ensure the implementation of your newly designed plan.


This micro-course is a step-by-step guide to start building the life that you’ve always dreamed about. You can become more than you are. You can have more than you do now. You can reach for the stars, and this course will help you along your journey.

This Course Includes:

  • three modules with multiple videos
  • downloadable workbook
  • access to private facebook group
  • FREE 30-min coaching session with Synova ($499 value)

Top 6 Success Tips for Authors

To become a successful author, whether you are published traditionally or independently, you must follow a few key concepts.

Success Is Up To You!
First and foremost, you must realize that your success is up to you. Don’t wait for your big break or for good luck to shower down upon you. You must actively pursue it. Don’t wait for the next breakout novel to skyrocket your writing career. Instead, build your business on the back of these core principles, and you will reach your goals.

Pace Yourself:
Think like a marathon runner. They don’t start out running as hard and fast as they can. If they did, they would burn out a mile down the road. It’s all about pacing. This concept works for authors as well. While it’s exciting to launch a new book and host launch parties, it’s time to get back to work on your next project as soon as the parties are over. Don’t waste too much time in between. A successful writing career is about building up an audience and building up a backlog of books that fans love and will continue to share. While everyone wants to be the next JK Rowling with Harry Potter, it’s not likely that that will happen. And if it does, good for you. In the meantime, all of the successful Indie Authors are out creating valuable content and carving their own path to success.

Bring Value to the Reader:
Remember, you don’t get paid for time or products. You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. When you are writing your book, keep this in mind. There are hundreds of thousands of authors out there that you are competing with. How is your book bringing value to the marketplace? You might ask, I’m writing a fiction book. How is that valuable? Entertainment is extremely valuable. Why do you think Hollywood gets paid so much? Is your book bringing value to your reader? If you’re writing for the fun of it or writing for your own amusement, then do yourself a favor and keep it in your notebook on your shelf. Otherwise, turn your focus to your reader. Write for them. Publish for them. Market for them. Sell for them.

Discipline Yourself!
Self-discipline is the master key to your success. No one is going to barge into your writing space and beat you with a rubber hammer until you sit down at your keyboard and start typing. It is your job to make yourself sit down and write regularly. You do not have a time clock or a boss to push you. You must push yourself. Create your daily writing schedule and stick to it. It’s up to you. Remember your success is your job.

Create Positive Habits:
Habits will either lead you toward success or keep you from it. Create a steady writing habit. Humans are habitual creatures. It may take a little bit of self-discipline to make yourself create a new habit, but once you do, you no longer have to fight to make yourself do it. Set aside the next 21 days to create a new writing habit. You will find after three weeks, this habit is already implanted into your habitual nature, and you won’t have to fight so hard to make yourself write.

Goals. Goals. Goals:
I know you’ve heard it before, but you must have goals if you want to reach success. Create short-term and long-term goals for your writing career. Take the time to sit down and imagine what you would like your writing career to look like in 5 years. Then write it down so you can refer back to it periodically. When you find yourself distracted, you can pull out your business goals, review them, and get back on track.

Remember, whether you are traditionally published, or Indie published, marketing your book will be up to you. Your success is up to you. Are you going to be self-disciplined? Are you going to build the habits you need? Or are you going to wait for someone else to hand you success on the tip of their magic wand?

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Can a local writer build a big enough audience to attract Hollywood? I did.

Can you publish independently and build a large platform that attracts the attention of a traditional publishing house? I did.

Can an indie author make six figures a year? Yes!

This go-to guide will show you how I built a business so large that a publishing house came to me and offered to buy reprint rights to three of my books. I got the chance to tell them “no” for one of the books. I made too much money.

Have you ever been able to send a rejection letter to a publishing house? It’s a lot of fun. Trust me.

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