What’s the Point?

Why are you wanting to write a book? What’s your objective? What is your goal for this project? These are some questions you need to address before you start writing your book.  If you have a clear outcome in mind when you start, you will … Continue readingWhat’s the Point?

Writing An Award-Winning Book Title

A terrible title can destroy your book and keep you from reaching the world with your words. The title is like a reader’s first impression right behind the book cover. So, how do you come up with a title that will propel your book toward … Continue readingWriting An Award-Winning Book Title

The Six Basic Human Needs and How They Can Help Your Writing

Motivational guru, Tony Robbins, has established the six basic human needs and how they relate to our behavior. They are certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, and contribution. So, how do these human needs relate to your writing?  Too many writers spend years creating their books … Continue readingThe Six Basic Human Needs and How They Can Help Your Writing

Dictation Demystified

Do you cringe when you hear the word “dictation?” There’s no need to be intimidated by the word or the process. When someone says the word “narrate,” does that set off alarm bells? I doubt it. There’s a really simple reason behind this example.  “When … Continue readingDictation Demystified

5 Things Successful Writers Do Differently

#1 They Don’t Wait To Be Picked!  Remember those days back in school when you weren’t the first person to be picked for a ball team? Do you really want to put yourself back into that situation? No! But, we do it all the time. … Continue reading5 Things Successful Writers Do Differently

Write Your Biz Book in 90 Days Without Writing A Word!

Sounds impossible, right? It’s absolutely possible! Every entrepreneur, life coach, and professional speaker knows they need a book to boost their business, but very few want to take the time to write a book. It does not take a year to write a book. In … Continue readingWrite Your Biz Book in 90 Days Without Writing A Word!

Synova’s Sizzling Tips for Using Your Time Wisely

So many people complain about a lack of time, but I contend we all have the same 24 hours a day. It’s more about how we spend those hours. There are 168 hrs/week. If you spend 40 at work, 56 hrs sleeping, and 7 hrs … Continue readingSynova’s Sizzling Tips for Using Your Time Wisely

MY Art Crime Book Has broken into the top 20 on Amazon!

My art crime book is now ranking #14 in its category on Amazon. This book is filled with white-collar crime, art and chaos. Help me get to Amazon Bestseller Status Thank you for your support. – Synova