Synova interviews Award-Winning Sci-Fi Author, William Schlichter


William Schlichter is an award-winning screenwriter and author specializing in science fiction and the phantasmagorical world of the undead. His popular No Room in Hell and Silver Dragon Chronicles series are fan favorites, and he enjoys spending time on the convention circuit.

His full-length feature script, Incinta, is a 2014 New Orleans Horror Film Festival finalist, a 2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival finalist, and an Official Selected finalist in the 2016 Irvine Film Festival. William also placed third in the 2013 Broadcast Education Association National Festival of Media Arts for his TV Spec Script episode of The Walking Dead.

Website: https://sandmenandzombies.com/

Highlighted Book Title: Sirgrus Blackmane Demihuman Gumshoe & The Dark-Elf



Bacardi and Coke. Neat.

Not the usual drink of choice for a mountain dwarf. Then again, Detective Sirgrus Blackmane is no ordinary dwarf-at least not since the Great War. Being a gumshoe during Prohibition might appear glamorous, with secret speakeasies, all-night cocktail parties, and scantily clad women displaying their knees, but crime and conspiracy lurk beneath the city’s shining illusion.

When the human half of the Mason and Blackmane Detective Agency is found dead at the scene of a rum-running bust, Sirgrus vows to find the killer. But this quest for justice leads him straight into a tangled web of underhanded deals with demihuman mobsters who are fighting for control of the rum supply.

And when two more corpses turn up, Sirgrus must work double-time if he wants to find the killer-and avoid turning up dead at the next crime scene.

Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/3YY7OEA

Synova Interviews Romantic Fantasy Author, S.M. Stryker [Writer’s Wednesday]

Bio: SM Stryker is an Amazon international bestselling author who loves to delve into steamy romantic fantasies and explore deep themes through heart-wrenching tales. An introverted mortgage broker by day and a talented wordsmith by night, SM Stryker aims to thrill and inspire her readers with thought-provoking stories that touch on dark topics and leave you begging for more. She loves to craft happily-ever-afters based on real events, with characters who are strong, intense, and larger-than-life.

Born and raised in Oregon, she currently resides there with her supportive husband, her four adult daughters, and plenty of grandchildren! Although quiet by nature, SM Stryker loves to hear from her readers.

Website: https://smstryker.com/

Highlighted Book Title: Whispers In The Wind: Callie and Kai’s Story (Then There Was You Book 1) Kindle Edition


Description: An emotionally riveting, standalone, romantic suspense, of lost love and soul mates, comes from Amazon bestselling author SM Stryker.

༺❃༻Can a bleeding and broken heart love again?༺❃༻

Callie has just gotten engaged to her high school sweetheart when tragedy strikes, and she loses him in a horrific car accident. Callie is broken, hurt, and distracted for years, and she just exists, watching the days flee by, until she meets Maison. Maison sparks up her will to live once again, and she can feel the rush of life flowing back in her heart, but it seems that the cards are stacked against her, and something painful, heck even sinister, happens.

Callie finds herself alone and heartbroken once again, sitting on the cold wet ground of a parking lot, bawling her eyes out under the rolling rain. All along, someone is watching her, and this man in the shadows feels pulled to Callie for some reason. His name is Kai Sterling, and in an interesting twist of events, he eventually becomes her boss.

Will the third time be the charm?

Can Kai save Callie from her haunting past, or will it all be too much for him to bear?

Profoundly moving, steamy, deliciously suspenseful, and with a little bit of action, this story guarantees to keep you at the edge of your seat wondering, what will happen next?

Whispers In The Wind is a new adult romance novel that contains physical & sexual abuse, explicit language, and sexual scenes, and it is intended for persons 18 years of age and older.

Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/3xiaW2f

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Synova Interviews the Queen of BLISS, Ronda Del Boccio [Writer’s Wednesday]

Bio: Ronda Del Boccio is an award-winning author, photographer, artist, and speaker. She is the Queen of BLISS. She lives in rural Missouri with her gorgeous golden retriever guide dog and cat. Her short stories, poems, and articles appear in over two dozen anthologies across five continents. She has authored and co-authored a dozen books of fiction and nonfiction.

She has also won awards for her singing, teaching, cooking, art, photography, writing, and translation of a medieval cookbook. As you can tell, her interests are diverse. Anything she wants to do or experience, she makes happen.

Although she is “legally blind,” which she says means she’s “illegally sighted,” Ronda lives a full and active life. She travels, cooks, and tries new ventures. Nothing stops her!

Ronda is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of several books, including The Story of Impact, Trust Your Heart: Building Relationships that Build Your Business, Mindset Masters: Achieve Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, The Peace Seed: Personal and Global Transformation through Storytelling, and the paranormal/urban fantasy novel They All Died Smiling, amongst others.

Get free stories and event updates from her at MagicalStoriesByRonda.wordpress.com

Website: https://magicalstoriesbyronda.wordpress.com/

Highlighted Book Title: The Peace Seed: Personal and Global Transformation through Storytelling


Description: Have you ever felt a burning desire to be a peacebringer? Yet you may wonder what one small person can do? You are not alone. Every human being with a desire to make a big difference feels that way sometimes.

Within YOU is an innate seed of greatness. Just as the mightiest tree grows from the smallest seed, big changes begin with one tiny seed – YOU!

There is more to this journey than the book. I invite you to experience the activities in the special online journal environment and on the Peace Seed website, which call you to BE peace through human connection.

In this book, the online activities YOU:

  • Bridge the human divide forever
  • Instantly connect with anyone in the world
  • Keep your cultural and family heritage alive
  • Bring peace into any situation by listening and sharing stories
  • Become part of the Peace Seed story

Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/3kc6cbu

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[Writer’s Wednesday] Synova Interviews the Creator of Jack the Sack

It’s #WritersWednesday at Synova Ink Publishing and Synova is interviewing the children’s book author Mr. Dee Dee. He’s the creator of the Jack the Sack children’s detective series. This week he reads book one, “The Case of the Missing Shoes.”

Jack the Sack and the Case of the Missing Shoes

This is the story of Detective Jack, who started out being a brown paper sack. One day he decided there was more to life than carrying bread, milk, and eggs. So, he flipped himself over and grew some arms and legs. He jumped off the counter and strolled over to the TV where a detective show called Klumdumbo he did see. Jack the Sack said, “Hey, that’s the life for me.” And, that is how Detective Jack the Sack came to be.

Get Book #1 here: https://amzn.to/3grpdEj

Watch the interview here:

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