Five essential keys to writing your book

First, you must have a story to tell, and second, you have to have an audience. Without an audience, you will end up with a book that won’t sell. Too many authors get caught in the trap of writing for the art’s sake, but they don’t study the market to find out what the people want to read. While everyone should write something they’re interested in, you have to make a difficult decision. Are you going to write for yourself, or are you going to write for the market?

Next, your book needs a specific genre. So many authors say their writing can’t be categorized. It’s a common rookie mistake. If your book cannot be categorized, it can’t be sold. If you look up a book on Amazon or in a physical bookstore, it has a genre. It’s how all books are categorized and sold.

Books do not sprout wings and fly around the bookstore changing genres. To successfully sell your work, you must label it in a specific genre. The next issue ties into the genre. You must know the rules of your genre. Of course, some rules can be broken, but every genre has a basic set of guidelines that all books must follow. Make sure to research your genre and get a good feel of these guidelines before you publish your book.

The fifth item on this list would be in the form of a question. Do you have a complete book? Does your idea have enough information to fill an entire book? If your story isn’t complete in its narrative, then perhaps you can interview other people for nonfiction, or for fiction writers, maybe you should create more characters. Sometimes you have plenty of characters, but not enough conflict to fill out an entire story line.

When reading over your work, make sure the story is complete in itself. Even if the book is going to be part of a series, the reader needs a feeling of fulfillment. The story should be complete and could stand on its own if the reader doesn’t buy the next book.

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