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  1. I love that Jim Rohn quote, and often follow a similar one—wherever we are at this moment is exactly where we need to be.

    It’s hard to stay present, because the mind wants to go to things we should do, or have done. But once we remind ourselves that it’s in the present where we hold all the power, then perhaps we can start to harness all the possibilities we have at our fingertips. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  2. Synova,
    Thanks for the more accurate podcast of my grandparents, Vincent and Margaret Sherry!

  3. Makes complete sense… very identifiable in tv and makes sense to plan out a story arc for books!

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  5. This case was so flawed from the beginning. By the ex husband avoiding press time, he needs to be interrogated again, even with his lawyer. Taking the 5th is a sign of guilt. And in small towns, people don’t ride around for that amount of time because they don’t like wasting precious gasoline. That’s a long time to drive around in circles.

    1. That’s wrong. People in small towns DO ride around for HOURS at a time. You have to remember that when this went down gas wasn’t what it was now. It was 1.50 a gallon, if that. And in the city of Bonham we would ride around from 8 at night to 4-5 in the morning. Whether that be as a group of people or by ourselves. I’m not saying that he isn’t necessarily guilty, but I am saying that weather and time is no problem in that area. Nor was the worry of gas. I was a senior in high school, working part time, footing my own bills, and I still would go ride around for hours. So, it’s not a ridiculous excuse. But Fannin County did do a piss poor job of this investigation.

  6. “The medical examiner determined the cause of death to be homicidal violence but couldn’t determine the exact cause of death.”

    What makes anyone think it was murder?

  7. In reference to your question about who drives around in that type of weather for hours….everyone in Bonham. I was a senior in Bonham High that year. It was not unheard of for people to just ride the backroads no matter what the weather was like. It’s a small town of less than 10,000 people. A “good time” consisted of walking around Walmart.

  8. Just saw an episode today on the ID channel about her case and I remembered it from the 90s show Unsolved Mysteries. It is really strange that she would call on a pay phone to tell him she was just going to go home. Why didn’t she just call from the house? I remember seeing the reenactment in the 90s on Unsolved Mysteries and it just seemed crazy how he was able to get there and find the vehicle pass by him, he then turns to follow the truck with her in it and his car fails. I know they checked it out and cars transmission was messed up and he also passed the lie detector test, but it just seems like a crazy story. I guess anything is possible, but it just seems so strange. Why didn’t she just stop by to where her fiance was and tell him she was just going to go home. The pay phone wasn’t too far from where he was and according to one report I read they were talking on the payphone for 30 mins. If she was in a hurry to get home why did she stay on a payphone in the middle of night that long.

  9. Since this murder DNA has come a long way. Has anyone thought of exhuming the body and checking for DNA that may have not been washed away by the Red River? That is if she was buried and not cremated…..

  10. When man cannot solve the case, take it to the altar and ask God, thru Christ, and you will get the answer. However, do not go to the altar and ask amiss, but rather, ask ensuring to give all glory and honor to The Most High God. He will show you EXACTLY who killed J.H.

  11. in all the fotos of rob halman and jrniffer harris are together that i have seen it allways looked like jeniffer harris was happy to be with rob halman but rob halman didnt look happy to be with jeniffer harris he never smiled from the heart even though they were supposed tobe childhood sweethearts he had like a stare or a fixed kind of gaze look in his eyes like he was hiding the reall person behind and kind of laughing at everyone sort of saying dont you no what i really am he had an arrogance look in his posing foto with jeniffer like a serial killer has its that fixed gaze in his eyes which i find very unerving he neads to be set up with a female police officer and see just what he is really like with a woman and see if she can coxed somthing out of him about what happend to jeniffer harris / my very best regards to all her family / leslie yule

  12. What exactly was the reason or reasons the boyfriend was cleared ?.
    Was his vehicle checked for the damages he claimed ?.
    Why would she call when she was minutes away ?
    We’re the phone records checked to prove his story ?.
    Did he take a lie detector test ?
    If he chased the vehicle why didn’t he get atleast a partial license # ?

    Overall the story doesn’t seem legitimate, but if I’m wrong I apologise.

    1. Hi. Thanks for reading my blog. Yes, the car was checked, the phone records were checked, and the police cleared him. He still lives under a cloud of suspicion and ended up moving out of the area because of it.

  13. Great Reporting. I attentively watched 48 hours cold caae.

    As you we may all agree. I have little to no doubr that ROBERT HAMILTON is probably one of the killers

    Jennifer was definitely RAPED by Robert Hamilton and his two accomplice friends.

    I agree that life insurance policy is equally a permanent prime lead you

    I believe the Two Lambert’s Eye Witness Testimony Compelling and NOT to be taken lightly.

  14. I met sheriff pusser as a child my dad took me to meet him when his book came out and movie was fixing to hit best of my recollection at the wkrg studios in mobile al he was a guest on the Connie be a hope show my dad being a policeman got wind of his appearance and took me to meet him a towering powerful man I was a fan from that moment on

  15. I met sheriff pissed as a child my dad took me to meet him when his book came out and movie was fixing to hit best of my recollection at the wkrg studios in mobile al he was a guest on the Connie be a hope show my dad being a policeman got wind of his appearance and took me to meet him a towering powerful man I was a fan from that moment on

  16. i dont want to sound creepy but i love stories like this! i have seen walking tall movie several times, first when i was a teen thinking i would love to be a police officer!! well. that didnt happen, but my interest in true crime stories has grown!! i feel a bit uneasy admitting i like them!! i dont like that people are murdered but that others do these crimes so readily with almost no cost to themselves!! my family & i are not criminals & yet the police seem to know our every move!! why bother us when there IS real crime going on?? at any rate, u are a lovely writer & i hope that ur stories will maybe result in justice for some of these poor people!! thank u so much for letting us know about these things!!

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