30-Day Lead Magnet – Upgrade Package


30-Day Lead Magnet is designed to help entrepreneurs write a book quickly without the hassles of learning the business of writing. I want you to get in, get it done, and get back to doing what you love to do!


What is holding you back from finishing your book? Are life’s distractions keeping you from your goal? Maybe you are intimidated by the process? Whatever the case, this course will show you how to overcome those challenges and not only write your book but finish it and publish it within a month! Life coaches and entrepreneurs don’t want to take a lot of time away from their businesses to write a book even though they know it will boost sales. I understand that but what if you an expert help you finish the book within a month!?

Think about it. You could be a published author within the next 30 days! You could boost your sales and generate leads for your business. 

Imagine what your friends and clients will say when you hand them a published book with your name on the cover! It’s possible, and Synova shows you how to do it quickly.

A book can be the difference between a “Barely Getting By” Entrepreneur and a successful business guru! Synova will show you how to create this lead magnet and get it ready to share with the world within 30 days!


  • 8-course modules, videos, worksheets, and mp3 downloads
  • 3 months of group coaching calls
  • Access to the Private Facebook Support Group
  • FREE download of Synova’s ebook: How To Sell More Books without Driving Everyone Insane!


As part of the launch of this course, Synova is giving away FREE 30-Min coaching calls. Take advantage of Synova’s knowledge and get your book started! Use the link below to schedule your call!


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