Author Biz 101 Course


Author Biz 101 Writer’s Course teaches writers how to break out of traditional starving artist mindsets and helps them build a profitable online business.

Are you spending more money than you make trying to sell your books? Let me show you how to build a business so large that Hollywood comes knocking on your door!

Course includes:

  • video modules
  • Access to private FB Group
  • Four 1-1, 30 min coaching calls with Synova


This course is an excellent investment for those writers who want to sell more books and build a profitable business with their writing. I’ve mentored hundreds of authors in various stages of their careers.

  • I’ve built my business to the point I actually got to send a rejection letter to a traditional publishing house! Would you like to do that?
  • I built my business so big that I got the attention of a Hollywood Producer! Would you like to do that?
  • I got the opportunity to be on a Discovery Channel documentary. Would you like to do that?

Go from an unhappy, starving artist to a six-figure writing career with my coaching. 

What other people say about the course:


“Synova guided me in taking 25 years of information about  JonBenet Ramsey’s ” SECRET SANTA ” and putting it in a book in a very short time because of her KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE. * The book led to an interview with the Armchair Detective, Host, AD, Alan Vinnicombe, and a viewing audience of over 5 million people.  * Thank you, Synova Cantrell.” M’Linda

Course Outline:

Module1: Success Mindset

  • Section 1: Defining Your Idea of Success
  • Section 2: Addressing Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Section 3: The Success Equation

Module 2: Finding Your Purpose

  • Section 1: Why are you writing this book? 
  • Section 2: Aligning with your purpose

Module 3: Target Audience

  • Section 1: What is a Target Audience & Why Do You need one?
  • Section 2: How to find your T.A. 
  • Section 3: When to start finding your T.A.

Module 4: Get It Done!

  • Section 1: Writing the manuscript with your T.A. in mind
  • Section 2: Break it up
  • Section 3: Character Development for Fiction Authors
  • Section 4: Productivity Hacks For Writers
  • Section 5: Finding the Perfect Title

Module 5: Building Your Author Platform

  • Section 1: What is it?
  • Section 2: Social Media Platform Building Strategies
  • Section 3: Building Your Very Own Website/Blog

Module 6: Publishing Options

  • Section 1: Traditional Publishing vs. Indie Publishing
  • Pros & Cons of each option

Module 7: Traditional Publishing

  • Section 1: Preparing your manuscript for submission
  • Section 2: Researching Publishers
  • Section 3: Creating a submission package and submitting the manuscript
  • Section 4: What Now?

Module 8: Indie Publishing

  • Section 1: Preparing & Formatting Your Manuscript
  • Section 2: Cover Design
  • Section 3: Uploading to Amazon
  • Section 4: Discussion: Publishing wide vs. Amazon only

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