Empowering Aspiring Writers Course


$1,497.00 $997.00

This course helps writers finish their manuscripts, build a marketing platform, and get published. Whether you want to publish traditionally or build an Indie Publishing Empire, this course will take you from idea to publication.


8-course modules, worksheets, videos, and a weekly group coaching call.

For those who purchase the course in full, Synova will add 4 laser-focused one to one coaching calls and Synova’s Guide To Overcoming Writers’ Block.

Payment plans are available upon request but do not include the laser focus coaching calls or the free guide.



Module1: Success Mindset

Section 1: Defining Your Idea of Success

Section 2: Addressing Your Limiting Beliefs

Section 3: The Success Equation

Module 2: Finding Your Purpose

Section 1: Why are you writing this book? 

Section 2: Aligning with your purpose

Module 3: Target Audience

Section 1: What is a Target Audience & Why Do You need one?

Section 2: How to find your T.A. 

Section 3: When to start finding your T.A.

Module 4: Get It Done!

Section 1: Writing the manuscript with your T.A. in mind

Section 2: Break it up

Section 3: Character Development for Fiction Authors

Section 4: Productivity Hacks For Writers

Section 5: Finding the Perfect Title

Module 5: Building Your Author Platform

Section 1: What is it?

Section 2: Social Media Platform Building Strategies

Section 3: Building Your Very Own Website/Blog

Module 6: Publishing Options

Section 1: Traditional Publishing vs. Indie Publishing

Pros & Cons of each option


Module 7: Traditional Publishing

Section 1: Preparing your manuscript for submission

Section 2: Researching Publishers

Section 3: Creating a submission package and submitting the manuscript

Section 4: What Now?

Module 8: Indie Publishing

Section 1: Preparing & Formatting Your Manuscript

Section 2: Cover Design

Section 3: Uploading to Amazon

Section 4: Discussion: Publishing wide vs. Amazon only


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