Snatched – FBI’s Top 10 Art Crimes & More



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Sit back and relax as Synova regales you with tales of master art thieves, bumbling criminals, and multi-million-dollar art heists from around the world. There will be stories of mafia-commissioned heists, of Daredevil art thieves, and of the brave men and women of the FBI Art team who are trying to stop this multi-billion-dollar industry of art crime. Enjoy. This book is the first in Synova’s Case Files series. Every year Synova takes the top cases previously highlighted on her blog and compiles them into a case files book. 2017 Synova was researching the FBI’s Top Ten Art Crimes and following the cases of the FBI Art Crime Team.

This book also provides a brief overview of the history of each piece of stolen art.

“I was surprised by the amount of art history Synova covered in this book. Thanks!” – Natalie


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