Synova’s Goal Setting Workbook



Are you tired of setting goals and not following through with them? 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by the first of March. Why is this? While we are taught many things in school, goal setting and goal achievement are not to be found in the standard curriculum of an American high school.

Why Do You Need A Goal?

  • Goals give your life direction. Otherwise, you will drift through life and end up wondering what went wrong.
  • Goals keep you on track so you don’t get distracted by the storm when life gets hard.
  • Goals give your life purpose.
  • Goals help you grow.

This is a downloadable, printable workbook. No physical product will be mailed.


Check out my new goal setting workbook.

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  1. What are people saying about Synova’s new workbook?

    Synova guided me in taking 25 years of information about JonBenet Ramsey’s ” SECRET SANTA ” and put it in a book in a very short period of time because of her KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE. * The book led to an interview with the Armchair Detective, Host, AD, Alan Vinnicombe, and a viewing audience of over 5 million people. * Thank you Synova. – M’Linda K.

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