Slaughtered Innocence – Carla Walker Murder

carla walker

He tried to save his first love from the grip of a killer and received a brutal pistol whipping for his effort. Losing consciousness, the last thing he remembered was hearing Carla begging the killer to stop hitting him in the head.

“I’ll go with you; just please stop hitting him.”

Rodney woke up a few moments later soaked in blood, and Carla Walker was nowhere to be found.

It was a perfect night. The high school quarterback was taking his beautiful girlfriend to the Valentine’s dance. The popular couple enjoyed the dance and afterward parked near a bowling alley for a bathroom break and a little making out. Terror struck instantly when the car door was jerked open causing Carla, who had been leaning on the door, to nearly fall out of the car. Rodney grabbed her and tried to pull her away from the attacker only to have the butt of a gun slammed into the top of his head. Dazed and confused, Rodney tried to exit the vehicle and rescue his girlfriend only to be hit repeatedly. The last words he heard broke his heart.

“I’ll go with you, just please stop hitting him,” Carla screamed fearing Rodney was nearing death.

The blood-soaked young man regained consciousness a few moments later and scrambled to his car in a panic. Driving the couple blocks to Carla’s parent’s house, he struggled up to the porch. The teenager began banging on the door desperate to find help. The family rushed to the door to find the young man in grave shape. While some called the police, and others rushed Rodney to the hospital, Carla’s father grabbed a gun and raced back to the bowling alley. No one was in sight.

Carla Walker, 17  was the stereotypical all-American teenager with long blond hair and light blue eyes. She was popular, outgoing, and loved by all. Although only 4′ 11″, she was a little spitfire that wouldn’t take sass off nobody. Why did this predator choose her? Forty-five years have passed, and still, no one can answer that question.

For days, everyone hoped Carla would turn up. Maybe the kidnappers would release her, or ask for a ransom? Unfortunately, fate and a murderous monster had different plans for the young Texan. Approximately three days and 18 hours after her abduction, Carla’s remains were found in a culvert near Lake Benbrook.

Still wearing her beautiful blue gown, Carla was found by officers. She had suffered beatings, rape, and torture according to newspaper reports. Some theorized that she had been kept alive for days before being strangled and dumped. After the autopsy reports were made public, this theory changed. It looked as if her time of death had been at least two and maybe three days before her discovery.

One bizarre fact emerged from the autopsy. Someone had injected Carla with Morphine. While this drug is well-known now, it was not common back in 1974 and wasn’t available as a street drug. Who would have access to this type of thing? A veterinarian? A medical student or professional?

In early April 2019, the cold case squad released a mysterious letter to the public hoping to generate leads for this case. Detectives had received the handwritten note within a few days of Carla’s death.

download Although part of the message is redacted, the message reads as follows:

“…killed Carla Walker in Benbrook.” And then it says, “P.S. It is hard to say, but it is true.”

If that wasn’t cryptic enough the author signs the letter with the numbers 10100. What does that mean? CBs were all the rage back then. Were they referring to the cb code “10-100?” Ten-one hundred is code for a bathroom break. Why would the author reference such a thing, or does it mean something else? Some internet sleuths think the numbers could relate to the police code meaning “dead body found.”

Although a series of suspects have emerged over the years, the police haven’t been able to gather enough evidence to charge anyone with this crime. If you know anything about this crime, or about the author of this anonymous note, please contact the Fort Worth Cold Case group at (817) 392-4307.

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carla walker

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  1. I knew Carla. Went school with her and grieved for her. I remember all of that it was terrifying for all of us!

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