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I am SWMO’s #1 True Crime writer and I’m on a mission to spread the word about cold cases with my blog. Each week I highlight obscure cold cases while working directly with the victim’s families. I firmly believe together we can generate leads for these cases. I never charge the victims’ family anything, but I do accumulate expenses. To compensate for this, I sell true crime books. Every book that is sold helps me reach my goals to help more people. If you would like to support my cause, check out my books below.


Unorganized Crime:


Why would anyone want to be a gangster? “I wanted the respect, the women, and the money” – Sidney Heard Raised in a mob-controlled suburb of Chicago, Sidney Heard grew up wanting to be a gangster. He was on probation by the age of thirteen and continued building his criminal resume over the next half a century. He was a professional arsonist for nearly twenty years; escaped from jail twice; ran a gold scandal grossing over a quarter of a million dollars, and that’s just to name a few of his illegal escapades. To top it off, he played a role in one of the most important Supreme Court Decisions of all time (Gideon vs. Wainwright). Sidney’s underworld connections ran from the Chicago-based Italians to the Mexican Mafia. He even worked undercover for the Federal Government at one point in his life. However, all of Sidney’s so-called glory would come with a price. While working undercover for the F.B.I. D.E.A., Sidney became hooked on drugs. He soon found himself staring at 125 years of jail time, a massive criminal record, and pushing his fiftieth birthday. Can a career criminal change? 

“One of the few books written that gives the reader an insight into the criminal mind” – Retired FBI Agent Egelston

Paperback Edition: $15.99

Ebook Edition: $2.99



Seriously Stupid Criminals: Complete Collection

Seriously Stupid Criminals Boxset

Now you can own all Synova’s best-selling Seriously Stupid Criminals books all in one collection. This includes Seriously Stupid Criminals – Seriously Dumb Disguises – Seriously Strange things to steal – Seriously Stupid Social Media Edition.

From a man trying to rob a bank with a toilet plunger to the “Maxi-Pad Bandit,” this book will have you in stitches. Not all true crime is dark, violent, and filled with psychopaths. If you want a grammatical work of literary art this is not it. This is nothing more than pure, unadulterated sarcasm of a Southern girl watching the stupidity on the news.

Paperback edition: $7.99

Ebook edition: 99¢



Grim Justice


It’s a tale of two judges; one a well-liked defender of the law, and the other a cold-blooded manipulator. Judge C.E. Chillingworth was by all accounts a man of honor, so why were he and his wife taken from their home on June 15, 1955, in the wee hours of the morning, bound, gagged, weighted down, and thrown into the ocean?

Judge Joseph Peel was a rowdy young low-level judge that handled small disputes, warrants, and divorce settlements. Peel liked to live high above his means and supported his lavish lifestyle with underhanded criminal activities. Could his small con games really lead to murder, or was someone else to blame?

When the Chillingworths disappear it would take nearly five years and one drunken hitman to finally uncover the truth behind West Palm Beach’s “crime of the century.”

Paperback Edition: $7.99

Ebook Edition: $1.99

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Snatched: The FBI’s Top Ten Art Crimes & More!


Sit back and relax as Synova regales you with tales of master art thieves, bumbling criminals, and multi-million-dollar art heists from around the world. There will be stories of mafia-commissioned heists, of Daredevil art thieves, and of the brave men and women of the FBI Art team who are trying to stop this multi-billion-dollar industry of art crime. Enjoy. This book is the first in Synova’s Case Files series. Every year Synova takes the top cases previously highlighted on her blog and compiles them into a case files book. 2017 Synova was researching the FBI’s Top Ten Art Crimes and following the cases of the FBI Art Crime Team.

Paperback $9.99

Ebook $0.99