Gratitude Will Change Your Attitude

Are you constantly feeling down in the dumps and can’t seem to pull out of it? You work all the time, but it feels hard when it comes time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Do you stop and look at the world around you in this fast-paced world, or are you running too much to see the beauty?

I know I get too busy to look around. That’s probably not a good thing to admit as a certified NLP Life Coach, but it’s true. I can have fifteen certifications, but I can’t lie to you guys. With two kids, a husband, a church family, and a business, I rarely get time to stop and look around. It’s easy to become cynical and just all around bummed out. What can we do? Well, I have a very simple answer. It’s so simple most of you won’t even do it.

You see when things are simple to do, they are also simple to forget. They are simply easy to put off until later. Later never comes, and then the simple becomes forgotten entirely.

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to change your attitude by changing your biochemistry, heart rate, and overall mental health. Every religion on this Earth, past and present, has given high priority to gratitude, and yet we don’t do it. Why? It’s too simple.

A 2018 Greater Good Science Center study found that a regular practice of gratitude increases happiness and overall satisfaction with life. It helps you sleep better at night and have less fatigue during the day. Gratitude has been shown to reduce pain, regulate stress and anxiety, increase energy and focus, and increase our productivity in the workplace. A UCLA study says that regularly expressing gratitude changes the brain’s molecular structure. It means we can literally train our brains to be more grateful over time, increase our brain function, and improve our overall mental health.

So enough sciency stuff Synova!!! What do we do?

Ok. It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Set a notebook by your bed, and I want you to write down ten things you are grateful for every night before bed. Now don’t scribble down the same ten nonsense things every night. Take time to really feel the gratitude well up in your chest for each item listed before moving on to the next one. Thank God for each one and drift off into dreamland peacefully. Then repeat the process every morning to start your day. You don’t have to spend hours. It only takes minutes to set your day up right. 

Love you all – Synova

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Gratitude Through The Storm: A Guided Gratitude Journal

Like a lighthouse in the storm, gratitude will guide you through to calm waters. This guided gratitude journal is a very personal project of mine and I can’t wait to share it with you all. My life hasn’t seen the sun in almost two years, but when I remember to practice gratitude my ship sails smoothly through the day. When I forget the waves crash over me and I find myself flailing about amid troubled waters. Once I catch my breath I’m again drawn back to the light of gratitude and the inner peace it brings.

This journal is more than just another list of self help topics, or scientific facts. It’s a tried and true journey that I am on. I do believe I can see the clouds parting and the sun shining through . It’s time to share with you all.

Whispers of the Mind: How Thoughts Become Things

Humans have a hidden superpower. With it we can both create and destroy. In most people it is raw, unfiltered and troublesome. But, if we could train it and hone it to perfection, it is powerful enough to change the world.

There’s a wise old saying that says, “for as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” What does that mean, exactly? It means you become what you think about regularly. Your consistent thoughts become your actions, and your actions change the reality around you. I know this sounds like a bunch of hoodoos, but I promise you there’s science behind it.

What if we trained our minds to create instead of to destroy? We could change the world with one mind at a time.

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Not Really

Original Image Credit: Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You hear it everywhere during the holiday season, but not everyone agrees. It can be one of the most challenging times of the year if you’ve lost loved ones or suffered trauma. 

Change Your Idea of the Perfect Holiday:

Many silently suffer through the end of the year, dreading every party, event, and gathering. Why? It all starts with the mental picture we have of Christmas. We are inundated with a picturesque story of what the holiday “should” be. We suffer when our picture doesn’t match what we think is perfection. Unfortunately, no one tells us that we can change the picture.

Will changing the mental picture bring back our loved ones? No. Will it change our financial status? No. It will change your outlook on life, though. It will change your biochemistry and make you feel better. It will make the holidays seem brighter and more friendly. 

Change of Focus:

What you focus on, you feel. When we focus on the negative, we get more negative hormones, negative emotions, and negative behaviors. The same is true when we force ourselves to focus on the positive things. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Ten minutes might be bad, but there are another 1,430 minutes left. Will you ruin the rest of the day by focusing on the ten bad moments? It sounds silly, but we do it all the time. 

This holiday season, turn your focus to the positive and see what happens. Every time that annoying co-worker spews at the mouth turn your focus to something else. Every time that manipulative family member starts, turn your focus. It’s not easy, but it’s effective. 

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Surviving Christmas with Gratitude:

Transform your chaotic holiday season with this journal and 5 minutes a day!

Not everyone enjoys the holidays. After losing loved ones, it’s hard to continue with the festivities, but it’s vital to learn how to live again. After suffering through trauma, it’s hard to celebrate with a loud and rowdy crowd. Did you know a daily gratitude practice will change your life, both mind, and body?

Studies have proven that our brains literally cannot be fearful, anxious, or stressed and be grateful at the same time. Did you know that? The part of the brain that handles these emotions cannot do both simultaneously. It has to shut one off to open the other. Now you can be anxious and immediately grateful afterward, but you cannot be both at the same time!

What if you reprogrammed your brain to refocus on gratitude and shut off the anxiety during this season?

With a daily gratitude practice, you will do just that!

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