How to find stock photos for your book covers

Have you ever wondered where Indie authors find all of the beautiful pictures for their book cover designs? There are many places online that charge you for stock photography, but there are also a few free options. A lot of them claim to be free, but they also require a paid subscription. So be careful when you look for these sites and watch the fine print. Today I’m going to give you a list of a few that I use regularly.

Pixabay offers photos, videos, and music all for free. They do not require you to attribute the author, but it’s much appreciated. I use Pixabay the most. Pixabay also has an app that you can download on your Android device, making it handy if you are looking for pictures on the go.

Pexels is a lot like Pixabay but is not as large. They do offer photos and videos but no music. Like Pixabay, they are free, but they do ask you to attribute the photographer if possible. Both of these options allow you to use their photos for commercial purposes.

Unsplash.com offers many visually stunning photos, but they do not provide videos, music, or vectors. Vector images are the ones that have no background and can be easily laid over another image. Vectors are used a lot in logo creation.

Openclipart is a great place to find clipart of all sorts. Their website boasts of over 163,000 images for you to choose from for your various projects.
While these four sites are not the only free stock photography sites on the internet, these are the four that I use the most. There are also paid sites like AdobeStock.com and Dreamstime.com, but if you’re designing projects on a bootstrap budget, I would suggest the four I have mentioned.

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