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Could only five minor adjustments make or break your writing career? Synova thinks so. Here are five things you can implement today to help you succeed. This is part four of a five-part series.

#4 T.I.M.A.

Tony Robbins talks about taking massive action to achieve your goals, but I found there was one thing missing in his advice, so I added it.

Taking IMMEDIATE Massive Action:

The law of averages says you can depend on about 10%. If you have a newsletter that goes out to 1,000 people, you can usually depend on roughly 100 people to take action. That means they will OPEN the email. That doesn’t mean they will read your book add and buy the book. Take that 100 people and find 10% of those, and that’s the number of people you can depend on actually following through and taking action on the book ad in your email. That is only ten people!
I know it sounds depressing to have ten people out of a thousand who actually buy the book, but that’s the law of averages. Now that you know this, you can use this to your advantage.
What did you do to attract those original one thousand people? Now take that action and multiply it by ten, and you’ve already jumped your final outcome to 100. See how this works?

1,000 x 10% = 100 100 x 10% = 10

How do you achieve the results you want?

You must take massive action. For example, you currently reach out to ten people each week, then 10x that and reach out to 100. Whatever you are doing, find a way to take massive action; immediately.
I had a hard time achieving my goals because I had a habit of procrastination. I would take massive action eventually. It is so easy to get in the wrong mindset and put off the massive action.

Procrastination is poison to your dreams. You must break through and take IMMEDIATE action. Don’t put your dreams on hold. Take Massive Immediate Action Today!

This post is part of a blog series designed to help you with the business side of writing. If you missed Part 1 you can find it here:PART ONE. If you missed Part 2 you can find it here: PART TWO. If you missed Part 3, you can find it here: PART THREE.

Look for PART 5 next week. Also, keep your eye out for Synova’s new book Titled Ten Things Successful Writers Do That You Don’t…coming soon!

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