Why You need a writing coach

Why You Need A Writing Coach?

Sure you can write a book without any help, edit it, submit it, and get it published all by yourself. You don’t have to have a coach, a guide, or an accountability partner for this process, but I sure wish I had one when I started. 

What can a writing coach do for you?

  • Create a success plan for your career
  • Recommend launch strategies for your book
  • Act as an accountability partner through the writing process
  • Help with audience building, marketing, and website design
  • Mentorship programs for various aspects of the author business

Writing a book is a big job and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although I teach people that you shouldn’t be intimidated by the process, on the other hand, you still need to take it seriously. 

I have been in the publishing industry for twelve years and have been writing professionally for even longer. Besides the years of on the job training, I have taken thousands of hours of seminars, classes, and workshops on the business of writing. Each year I read at least 100 books.

I will be the first one to tell you that no, you don’t have to have a coach to be a writer, but why not use my knowledge to give yourself a headstart in the industry?

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