The 10 Commandments of a six-figure author

The 10 Commandments of a six-figure author … Continue readingThe 10 Commandments of a six-figure author

Redefining What’s Possible – Dream Bigger!

Are limiting beliefs holding you back as a writer? Do you still subscribe to that old notion that it has to be hard to write a book? In this video, Synova discusses some of the limiting beliefs she had to overcome to accomplish her goals. … Continue readingRedefining What’s Possible – Dream Bigger!

Monday motivation: Apathy vs Ambition

One will lead you towards success and the other could result in mental illnesses.

The Benefits of Journaling For Writers (& Everyone Else Too)

You’ve probably heard that you should be journaling, but who has time and what’s the big deal? If you want to be a professional writer and you don’t keep a journal, I highly suggest you start, and I will tell you why. 

Tony Robbins has a saying that I absolutely love. He says, “success leaves clues.” If you study the most successful business people, writers, speakers, etc., 99% of them keep a journal. So if you want to be successful, it would make sense to do what successful people do, right? So why don’t we keep journals? … Continue readingThe Benefits of Journaling For Writers (& Everyone Else Too)

Synova’s 7 Storytelling Secrets – Patreon Only

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Life’s Permission Slip

Are you waiting for permission to chase your dreams? You already have it! If you need validation download your own Universal Permission SLip below If you’d like more tips and tricks about the business of writing, check out Synova’s Simply Biz Facebook group and sign up for Synova’s … Continue readingLife’s Permission Slip

11 Timewasters to Avoid

  We all feel like we don’t have enough time. But most of us waste a lot more time each week than we care to admit. The perfect timewaster is enjoyable, allows time to fly by, and is highly distracting.  In this day and age, … Continue reading11 Timewasters to Avoid

Do you have a landing page for your business? If you don’t you’re missing out on one of the most important marketing aspects of your business.     #landingpagedesign #mailchimp #authorcoaching #bookmarketing

Mind Mapping For Authors

What is mind mapping, and how can it help you as an author entrepreneur? I believe it can literally be your roadmap to success. A mind map is a visual graphic that you create while trying to flush out your ideas. Basically, you start with … Continue readingMind Mapping For Authors