Conspiracy, lies, and strange clues surround the missing CDC worker, but everything leads to more questions.


Usually, I would start with the facts of the case, and then throw down a timeline of the last known moments of the missing person. Unfortunately, that is impossible in this case. Very few facts are available, and those are clouded in conspiracy theories, outright lies, and fake news. While everyone is jumping down the rabbit hole of conspiracy, I will try to relate the facts as I have found them. I will leave the conspiracy theories to you. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a good conspiracy. They are intriguing, and make good television, but at the heart of this we need to remember that there is a real man missing.

Timothy J. Cunningham (35) was a Harvard educated epidemiologist who worked as a commander f or U.S. Public Health and Service division at the CDC (Center of Disease Control). His job was in the Chronic Disease Unit. He had recently been passed over for a promotion and was given the reasons behind this decision on February 12, 2018. Sources state that Cunningham called in sick the two days prior to his disappearance, but on the 12th he tried to come in. He only stayed a short while before leaving due to illness. During this time, he had a conference with his superior and received the reasoning behind his missed promotion.

Here is the timeline as we have it:
7 am – Cunningham called his sister. She remembers that he sounded odd but couldn’t give a reason behind her instinct.
9:12 am – Cunningham tries to call his mother, but the call goes to voicemail. He doesn’t leave a message.

These calls were standard for Cunningham. He lived alone but kept in contact with his family daily. After not hearing from their son for two days, the concerned parents drove the 900-mile trip from Maryland to Georgia to their son’s home. His door was locked, but inside were all of Timothy’s belongings including his phone, wallet, and his keys. Tim was nowhere to be found. The police combed through the wooded areas near his home but found nothing. All of his personal possessions and his vehicle were at home. Nothing was missing.

After searching phone records, they confirmed that Tim hadn’t used a taxi service or Uber. Where did he go? Why were his keys in the house if the door was locked? What the family found even more disturbing was the fact that he had left his beloved Mr. Bojangles. Tim loved his dog and would go out of his way to see that he was taken care of if Tim was going out of town. But now the dog had been left unattended for two days.

The house held no signs of a struggle, but two upstairs windows were left open. Terrell Cunningham found this odd but couldn’t give a reason why his son would refrain from opening the window. This wasn’t the final odd clue to turn up in this case.

Viviana Tori was Timothy’s next-door neighbor and she quickly came forward and gave a startling interview with CBS.

The day before the disappearance, she claimed her husband told her that Tim had told him to have his wife erase his phone number from her phone.

Wow that’s hard to even type in a grammatical way. So basically, she said that he said to her husband who said. Yeah, you get my point.

I watched her interview clip online and found it rather odd. It felt more like she wanted attention, than anything else, but that is merely my opinion. I would love to have a psychologist review her video. To me it seems her facial expressions, her body language, and the overall manner of her interview seem strange to me. I won’t claim that she is lying, but I will say it is unusual.

So, if Cunningham had asked his neighbor to delete his phone number, what does it mean? People online jump to the conspiracy theory which I will get into shortly. Some have indicated that they believe this meant he knew that he was leaving. I find my instincts lead me in another direction entirely. Could Timothy Cunningham have had row with his neighbors? Was Mrs. Tori harassing him? Could there have been a fight that escalated to the point of his disappearance? Who knows?

Atlanta Police Major, Michael O’Conner said, “There’s no evidence suggesting anything.”


That is the problem. There are too many holes in this case. We don’t have a clear timeline of his movements. We don’t have any details into his relationship with his neighbors. All we have are a few scattered clues and one giant conspiracy theory.

As promised, here is the conspiracy:
I’ll be honest the conspiracy was the reason I first became interested in this case, however after researching it further, the conspiracy falls apart. ran this headline on February 22, 2018

CDC Doctor, Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak, Missing, Feared Dead

Afterwards they use this quote and claimed that it came from Timothy Cunningham back in January.

“Some of the patients I’ve administered the flu shot to this year have died. I don’t care who you are, this scares the crap out of me.”

Ok, now this sensational headline coupled with this quote would sound like every American should be worried, but after researching it there is no way this quote came from Timothy Cunningham. Below I have copied his bio straight from the CDC website.

Timothy J. Cunningham, ScD
Team Lead, Division of Population Health National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Timothy J. Cunningham, ScD, is a team lead with CDC’s Division of Population Health. Dr. Cunningham trained with CDC as an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer. His research has been oriented towards understanding health differences related to race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, and geography. Dr. Cunningham has also deployed for numerous public health emergencies, including Superstorm Sandy, Ebola, and Zika. He is an active member of the American Public Health Association and the American College of Epidemiology. Dr. Cunningham received his S.M. and Sc.D. from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


Cunningham was a scientist, his doctorate degree was not a medical doctorate. He hadn’t administered flu shots to anyone. He was research scientist making a six-figure income with the CDC. This quote was also debunked by and Timothy’s own father.

Now I’m not validating the flu shot in any way, I personally don’t get one. However, if someone from the CDC wanted to warn the media why would they go to a disreputable site that has a history of fake news? Why didn’t they bring some sort of evidence with them? Where are the statics, and the research studies?

Final thoughts:
Although conspiracy theories are fun, and sometimes real, this one seems unlikely. And while everyone is running about claiming the government is killing us with flu shots, there is a very real case here. A 35-year old man is gone. No one knows why, or where. This man was a high achieving individual that set goals and accomplished them. He was a son, a friend, and was working to make the world a better place. Shouldn’t we be concerned in his disappearance?

How can you help?
Share. His story needs to be spread everywhere in hopes of generating leads for the Atlanta Police Department. Yes, Cunningham was upset about missing a promotion, but was he taken from his home against his will? We won’t know until he is found. Please share his story.

A $10,000 reward is being offered in hopes of generating leads, and the family has set up a GoFundMe page to help. If you would like to donate, I have included the link.




Supposed Suicide – No Investigation **WARNING: Graphic Crime Scene Photos**

Joshua Robinson was found hanging from the swing set in Amsler Park on February 16, 2006. Just shy of his 20th birthday, this man hadn’t shown any suicidal tendencies, wasn’t on medication for depression, and although he had been a drug user in the past, wasn’t on anything. Toxicology reports would prove this.

Why would this man commit suicide? His family and friends vehemently declare he wouldn’t. After viewing the crime scene photos it would seem impossible for him to end up in such a peculiar position.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Backing up. What are the particulars in this case?

First, you have a 19-year-old man who ends up dead. He is 5′ 8″ tall and weighs a 185 pounds. Joshua Robinson lived with his mother Cynthia and his brother Michael in McGregor Texas. He had been dating a woman named Kayla for a while now but her family was not happy about it. On many occasion, Kayla’s grandmother would refuse to let Joshua see her granddaughter at all.
The night before Josh was death a woman appeared at Cynthia’s home and threw a fit wanting to talk to Joshua. He was not home but when Cynthia mentioned the possibility of Kayla being pregnant the woman became irate and threatened to have Josh were arrested for statutory rape. Cynthia would later discover that this woman was none other than Mary Casareza; Kayla’s aunt.

When Joshua made it home that evening his mother related the story to him. He immediately went out to visit Kayla’s family and to smooth things over. When he came back he vented his frustrations on his mother and decided to go for a walk to cool off. This was a standard practice for him. It was not unusual for Joshua and his mother to have a row, nor was it unusual for him to choose to walk around the perimeter of the nearby Amsler park.

When Joshua didn’t return home in the morning Cynthia was worried, but that fear became a panic when her neighbor found a man hanging from the swing set in the park and made a frantic call to 911.

Here is where things become even stranger. When one hears of a person hanging from the swing set one automatically pictures the victim hanging from the crossbar above his head, but this is not the case. Viewing the crime scene photos, one is struck by the strange position of the body.

(ATTN READERS: If you have the stomach for it, scroll to the end of this blog and you will see the crime scene photo.)

For those who can’t handle the crime scene photos at the end of this post, I will try to explain them. First of all, he is on his knees, the chain is partially wrapped around his neck, and oddly the seat of the swing is flipped upside down upon his back. He is not facing forward as one would assume. His body is angled towards the swing next to him with his feet turned inward and angled towards the exterior poll of the swing.

In order to land in this position, this man would have had to climb up on to the cross beam on the end of the swing and dive inwards towards the swing. At 5′ 8″, this would be very difficult to do. After obtaining pictures of the swing set, I am startled to realize that the A-frame crossbar is missing. (Also strange: shortly after this event, the city removed the swing completely)

If this were the only discrepancy, in this case, one could assume that gravity and physics could have played a trick upon us, but this is just the beginning of the discrepancies.

Here is the timeline for this case:
5:15 a.m. – A jogger sees the body hanging from the swing set and in a panic dials 911
5:35 a.m. – The police were dispatched to the scene
5:36 a.m. – The police radio into dispatch that they are on site

Former officer Walter Kirby claimed to be the 1st officer on the scene. His report states that he ran to the body to check for a pulse and found none. The only problem is there is no record of his car being dispatched to Amsley park until 6:48 a.m.

According to their own statements all 4 officers that were on site claimed to not have known the victim and yet 8 minutes later they called in and ran a “Wants & Warrants” check on the victim. How could they have run this check if they had no idea of the victim’s identity?

If this where the end of the discrepancies one might excuse this case, but this is only the beginning.

At the autopsy, one would figure the medical examiner would label the cause of death as “Death by Strangulation.” Instead, the M.E. found something unusual about the cause of death. The bruises from the chain around the victim’s neck were only surface deep.
There was no damage to the tendons and muscles in the neck and the neck itself was not broken. The victim was not strangled by the chain around his neck. Therefore, the M.E. initially ruled the cause of death as “Undetermined.”

This ruling was changed when the medical examiner received a report from Detective, Kory Martin. It contained three things.

1. The victim was a drug user
2. He had a fight with his mother the night before
3. It was an apparent suicide (chain vs. neck)

Somehow this was enough to change the medical examiner’s report from an undetermined cause of death to suicide.

Cynthia’s arguments on these points:
1. Although Joshua had been arrested as minor for possession of marijuana, his toxicology reports came back clean he had no drugs or alcohol in his system. (For the record: I have seen the toxicology report)

2. As for the argument with his mother, this was a common occurrence but they had a very loving relationship otherwise.

3. The chain only left surface bruising, not enough to cause strangulation.

Another strange twist, in this case, was the odd bruising that appeared upon the body after death. The victim had bruising to the tips of his fingers on his left hand, and bruising upon his right bicep and shoulder as if he had been clawing at the chain. If he were choking, why didn’t he stand up? That was all that was required to release the pressure.

Studying the autopsy reports:

5’8″  male – 185 lbs.
The neck was not broken, no obstructed airway. No damage to the strap muscles in his neck.

What caused this man’s death?

Here’s a little anatomy lesson for you:

The lungs are covered with a thin membrane, called parenchyma, this is where the Alveoli are. Alveoli are tiny lung capillaries covering the lungs. These tiny vessels burst, causing ‘reddish-purple spit to drip from mouth. The chest cavity fills with blood causing congestive heart failure, or as in this case, death by suffocation. The official diagnosis: Red-purple parenchyma with pulmonary edema

How does this happen?

When a person is lying face down and a heavy object is placed between the shoulder blades, this puts pressure on the diaphragm. If the pressure is too great the Alveoli burst causing suffocation.

Could a knee have been placed in the middle of his back?

This would have been my first question as an investigative journalist and armchair detective. Why then, wouldn’t the authorities investigate this as a possible homicide until proven otherwise?

What follows appears to be a small town police force refusing to investigate a murder. Maybe they were understaffed? Maybe they had already come to their own conclusions because the victim had been labeled by his criminal record? Who knows, but what follows is even stranger than the story so far.

All four on scene officers were forced to resign within three months of this event. No public reasons were given. To make things look even worse, the interim chief of police resigned within the year. Why? We may never know.

Synova’s two cents:

While I was raised to respect law enforcement, I find all of these discrepancies hard to swallow. I fall short of thinking there was a massive police cover-up, but I find it strange that no one investigated Kayla’s family. Could there have been an irate brother or cousin that resented Joshua? She certainly had an aunt that did.

Twelve years a poor mother has struggled and fought to have this case investigated. Her emotions have run wild, she has spent years trying to drink away her sorrow. Sure her son wasn’t perfect and he had a criminal record, but does that mean he deserved to die without the basic rights of all Americans? Did he deserve to be labeled as a thug and therefore he gave up his right to have his death investigated? I think not.

If someone reading this has compassion for a grieving mother, and possesses the ability to get this case reopened I think it is your responsibility to do so.




**Warning: Graphic crime scene photo below**





Ex-coach given death penalty for kidnapping and killing child.


She was a beautiful, brown-eyed, 10-year-old from Springfield, MO. Hailey Owens was walking home from a friends house in the 3200 block of W. Lombard St. It wasn’t a long way, nor was it unusual for the child to traverse the area. On February 18, 2014, neighbors watched in horror as she was snatched off the street and tosed into a pickup truck. The male witness jumped in his vehicle and tried to chase the truck, while the woman wrote down the lisence number and made a frantic call to 911. Unfortunately, the heavy traffic afforded the kidnapper an easy escape.

Police arrived on the scene just before 5 pm to take witness statements. The statewide Amber Alert was issued by 7 pm. By 8:30 pm the truck was located at the home of Craig Wood.

Police arrested Wood and began searching for Hailey hoping to find her alive. After all, it had only been four hours since she was snatched. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Officers noticed a strong bleach smell as they entered the basement of Woods’ home. Later, Hailey’s body was found stuffed in a plastic tub. She had been raped and shot in the back of the head.

Anger erupted across the Ozarks and quickly spread nationwide. How could an ex-coach rape and murder a tiny 77lb girl?

Wood, 45 was a former employee of the Springfield school system. He worked as a teacher’s aide and a football coach for sixteen years. Officers found child pornography including pictures of four young female students from the school where he had worked.

A candlelight vigil was organized on February 23rd. 10,000 people marched from Commercial St. to the Jefferson Ave. footbridge. The bridge was lit up with purple lights. Purple was Hailey’s favorite color.

See more:’s Vigil

The murder trial of Craig Wood

The trial began on October 30, 2017. Wood claimed his Meth binge caused him to kill Hailey Owens. He was convicted of 1st degree murder on November’s 4th. Defense attorneys argued that the lack of premeditation should spare Woods from the death penalty. Much to the public’s surprise, the jury couldn’t decide on the death penalty.

Defense attorneys quickly filed a motion requesting a new trial citing errors by the judge.

While the public went on with their holiday celebrations, the family of Hailey Owens were forced to wait on justice. The ruling wouldn’t come until after the new year.

January 11, 2018:

Judge Thomas Mountjoy denied Craig Wood’s appeal for a new trial. Later the same day he sentenced Wood to death by lethal injection.

Hailey’s Law:

Hailey’s parents are working hard to get “Hailey’s Law” passed. If passed, it will help streamline the Amber Alert system in hopes of saving lives. A 2-hour window elapsed between Haily’s abduction and the Amber Alert. Could those 120 minutes have saved Hailey? We will never know, but if it saves one child in the future then I say pass it. Get it on the books.

This case took an odd turn when Craig Woods’ family joined Hailey’s family in trying to push through Hailey’s Law.

Synova’s note:

There are many photos available of Craig Woods online, but I refuse to plaster his sorry face on my blog. If you want to see him then you can google it.

Hailey’s Facebook Memorial:

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FBI’s #1 Art Crime: Looting of Iraqi Artifacts


During the war, and in March and April in particular, many Iraqi institutions and archaeological sites were looted. Above is a picture of the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad back in 2008. After thousands of artifacts were looted, the FBI was brought in to investigate and recover the priceless artifacts.

The Iraqi museum houses the heritage of the Babylonian, Mesopotamian, and Persian civilizations. The museum was closed for several years while the collection was being recovered. It officially reopened in February, 2015. Although many pieces have been recovered, it is estimated that nearly 10,000 relics are still  missing. One item recovered by the FBI was the Statue of Entemena.

statue of entemena

If you have any information about these stolen relics please call the FBI tip line.


For more information on the FBI’s Top Ten Art Crimes:


Photo credits:

Federal Bureau of Investigation Art Crime Team, Public Domain, via Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) @

Photo of National Museum of Iraq: By Zzztriple2000 at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Alexknight12 using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,