Award-Winning Author, Victim’s Advocate, Speaker, and Coach, 

A proud southern mama, Synova was born in Texas and raised in the Ozark foothills. She is now married and raising two children just north of Branson, Missouri. 

After a decade in the world of true crime & victim advocacy, Synova has taken her 10,000 hours of study & entered the self help field. She’s a certified NLP Life Coach through the American Union of NLP. She’s also the owner of Synova’s Simply Biz author coaching service & an award-winning crime writer with over 300 cases under her belt. (Or pen, whatever!) One of her books was even endorsed by a retired FBI Agent!

To top it all off, a flag was flown over the Capitol in Washington D.C. to honor her cold case work!!! She was recently featured on a Discovery Channel documentary as well. 

Synova’s life coaching includes elements of NLP, practical psychology, biblical principles, and biochemistry. You can live a more abundant life and enjoy the journey!

Now, Synova is using her study and experience to inspire, motivate and educate her audience. You can go from Victim to Vitality, and Synova’s here to help you all the way!

Empowering people to grow from victim to vitality through inspiration, motivation & education.

What’s Everyone Saying About Synova?

Synova guided me in taking 25 years of information about  JonBenet Ramsey’s ” SECRET SANTA ” & helped me put it in a book in a very short period of time because of her KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE.

The book led to an interview with the Armchair Detective, Host, AD, Alan Vinnicombe and a viewing audience of over 5 million people. 

Thank you Synova Cantrell.

  • M’Linda K

I have known & followed Synova Cantrell for about 3 1/2 years! We came across each other as we are both advocates for the missing! I’m a true crime buff too and have been a fan & follower of hers since!

I love how Synova keeps the obscure cases out there with her blogs She’s a great writer & has way of bringing you in to her stories weather on her blog or her books! I am not a writer and She has been helping me!

With her advice I am now writing my own book! Synova is my writing coach & always has words of encouragement to keep me positive! I feel blessed to have her as my writing coach!

– Tammy A., Easton, PA

Hi  Synova, 

Once again I want to commend you for all of the long hours and hard work you put into the upmost captivating articles that have now helped solve the long 52 years of fighting for answers on the unsolved murders of my little brother Ronnie Anderson and my dad Lt. Dan Anderson.  Had it not been for your extensive investigation and wonderful articles the people who have come forward would have never done so. Thanks for all you do in helping the families of Missing/Murdered. It’s true hard working and caring people like you that make a difference. Love and appreciate you so much.

-Phyllis C.


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